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The Washington Post: Maliki behavior influenced by Damascus and fires on Obama

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The Washington Post: Maliki behavior influenced by Damascus and fires on Obama

Unread postby admin » Tue May 07, 2013 9:21 am

The Washington Post: Maliki behavior influenced by Damascus and fires on Obama to intervene in Syria for Iraq

07/05/2013 (23:01 pm)

 translation long called for the Washington Post in an editorial, Monday, developed by titled "Crisis in Iraq - and the Middle East," the Obama administration to military intervention soon in Syria in order not to slide into a devastating civil war and the widening Syrian conflict to Lebanon. newspaper said "The sectarian war, regional, which was always one of the biggest dangers of the crisis in Syria threatens imminent explosion. Along the west of Damascus, announced militia Hezbollah commitment to defend the regime of Bashar al-Assad, said sources from the Syrian opposition that Hezbollah fighters were important in the achievements achieved by the Syrian regime recently on the battlefield. Another attempts Iranian and clear for the transfer of sophisticated weapons to Hezbollah urged to launch an air strike and at least one on Syria in the past few days. " The newspaper as saying that "the most worrying is what is happening in eastern Syria: confrontation bloody between the minority Sunni and Shiite regime since the withdrawal of U.S. forces almost two years ago. " According to statistics, the Associated Press news, the 218 people killed in clashes shooting and bombings since the army stormed the Iraqi protest camp Sunni near Kirkuk on 23 April. The United Nations says that 712 people were killed in political violence during the month of April, the highest casualties since the year 2008. " The newspaper article written by former U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, published translated "long" time, where he said that these events "teeming memories of those events that led to the civil war real in 2006. " But there اختلافين: the absence of American troops to quell the violence, as happened during the strategy of "momentum" in Iraq; can also fight in Iraq to mingle easily with what is happening in Syria and expands to Lebanon. " the newspaper said, "Indeed, Vtnzimat Qaeda in Syria and Iraq, has announced that" the emirate of joint, "and strongholds of these organizations are close to each other along the border between the two countries., and there is a belief the presence of armed Iraqis (Shiites) fighting alongside the Syrian regime, and the government of Nouri al-Maliki Close your eyes for shipments of arms and transport fighters to Syria, despite the efforts of the Obama administration's repeated this regard. " The paper that "more trouble in Iraq stems from the failure of the country's elite Permanent overcome political conflicts and economic development based on a sectarian basis. Sunnis and Kurds believe that the Mr. al-Maliki and Shiite politicians have failed to implement their promises without centralization of power and distribution of resources equitably. except that Mr. Maliki walked often in the opposite direction, upping his authority and targeting Sunni leaders to arrest and prosecution against the backdrop of concern to the suspect., and despite the fact that Iraq held local elections in the past month , but the vote in the Sunni majority two governorates Tsknhma and has been postponed to next July. " and The Washington Post believes that the events in Syria move a significant portion of the behavior of al-Maliki. This Shiite leader feared that a victory achieved by the opposition, which in the mostly Sunni in Syria, and receive support from the Sunni regimes in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, will lead to a quest to re-Sunni dominance in Iraq, as was the case under Saddam. And refers Iraqi officials to the existence of groups is preparing for war Sunni areas in Iraq do not include al-Qaeda only, but also the organization of armed former Baath Party of Saddam's secular. " The Times concluded American salient in an editorial that "the resumption of sectarian war in Iraq, along with the war based on Syria would be devastating to the Middle East and the interests of the United States. Valmkzbat fragile from the war in Iraq is a peaceful country with its neighbors and partner of the United States that will تنطمس Underscoring U.S. enemies such as al Qaeda and Hezbollah. " concluded The Washington Post saying that "this situation requires, as seen Mr. Crocker, in his article," diplomatic effort sustained high-level effort by the United States in Iraq. " It also calls for intervention aimed at ending the war in Syria and this is the most urgent matter. "
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