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The building that was attacked in Benghazi was a secret facility for «CIA is not Consulate

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The building that was attacked in Benghazi was a secret facility for «CIA is not Consulate

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American scandal: the building that was attacked in Benghazi was a secret facility for «CIA is not Consulate

Published 15/05/2013 01:39 AM

Babinaoz - Agencies: still Republicans in the midst of their attack political against President Barack Obama and his Democrats, especially مرشحته expected for the year 2016 and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to hold them responsible for what they say is a failure in the face of attack Benghazi on September 11 last year, even uncovered what I tried the U.S. government to keep him Collapse secret until today: Consulate Benghazi were not Consulate, but facility belonging to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), was used as the headquarters for the collection of anti-aircraft missiles and portable on the shoulder, which has spread in Libya in the form of widely after the collapse of Muammar Gaddafi.
Ambassador Chris Stevens, encountered his presence that day in the building in question, which seems to be the curators him baptized to keep it without guarded to avoid to draw attention to him, when he was building to a mortar attack, followed by the invasion of the building and burned, killing Stevens.
Because the building was not subject to the U.S. State Department, he is not covered by the protection provided by the Government of the host country, in this case the Libyan. Because the building was a follower of the «CIA», did not dare the U.S. government to load counterpart Libyan responsibility to protect, and did not ask them explicitly defend him night attack, but tried to send a group of special forces charge of protecting the U.S. Consulate actual, which is nearly mile and a half kilometer , to pull Stevens and destroy any documents or computers belonging to U.S. intelligence that would reveal the identity of some of the local customers and endanger their lives.
It seems that «the Central Intelligence Agency» U.S. was aware of the risks surrounding the security of the building its in Benghazi, which is monitored in the weeks before the attack 5 similar attacks, and at the level of smaller, carried out by extremist groups, believed to be among the invited «Ansar al-Sharia», which is believed to be activists of which they carried out the attack, planned in advance, the night of September 11.
Because Washington was working to collect anti-aircraft missiles, it is feared that you send fighter jets or helicopters to defend the building intelligence in Benghazi, because the Americans do not «dominate the airspace», which means that any air raid they do may be exposed to ground fire, either forcing them to fly high, or exposure to the risk of falling in the event of fighters insisted on flying at low altitude to participate in the battle.
All of these facts tied the hands of military and Washington in the hours of the attack. However, Obama and Clinton and senior military officials followed the events, but the generals refused to send any reinforcements in the belief that it will arrive late, and that it will be at risk, what caused them to try to contain the situation by sending fighters locals did not succeed in the heart of the scales, but turned themselves into victims.
All these facts were crystal clear in front of the eyes of Obama and senior officials of civilians and military personnel, but they could not talk about it publicly for fear of embarrassment that Sitalhm because there is no building intelligence exists officially, not America was reached allies Libyans on their activities secret in Benghazi, nor is it intended to expose nature of the operation carried out there.
But the Republican Party saw the incident a great opportunity to make political gains at the expense of the Democrats, was the first Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who tried to embarrass Obama, accusing him that he did not intentionally release the word «terrorist» on the attack the next day to incidence, to clear later that Romney was مخطأ.
Later, he accused senior members of the Senate Republicans America's ambassador to the United Nations, and the then candidate to the post of Minister for Foreign Affairs, covering up what happened - during a television interview - and the heart of the facts in an attempt lied to the Americans. Republicans succeeded in effect torpedo the nomination Rice.
Last week, after more than 8 months after the incident, the Republicans believe that they can exploit the incident to tarnish the image of Obama politically, especially the image of Clinton, minister at the time and the candidate in the future.
In this context, systems, president of the Appropriations Committee in Congress, Republican of Lebanese descent from California, Darrell Issa hearings, participated in the most prominent of the former number two man in Libya after Stevens, Greg Hicks. However the latter hinted administration to try to keep it away from members of Congress for the blinding of the facts, but his testimony did not come a negative impact on Obama and his administration as Republicans had hoped.
But press reports published close to the Republican Party revealed emails exchanged Obama administration officials after the incident, showing significant split between foreign and «CIA, on the points that can be exposed to the public. In these reports, appeared «the process of revising the correlation between the two agencies, and appeared as well try the exchange of blame between them, and this in turn led to the adoption of novel opaque raised more questions than provide answers. This novel points are later used by administration officials, led by Rice, commenting on the Benghazi attack.
In the same vein, taking the White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed that the administration did not deliberately to make any 'revision' of Benghazi report issued by the intelligence agencies, except replace the word 'consulate' B «diplomacy facility». At the time, it was not understood the reason behind this thumb or the difference between the two or revision is intended, but today, it became known that the change was caused by the refusal of Foreign Affairs, candidate Clinton from behind, take responsibility for the security of the building was never in custody.
In the midst of the political campaign against Obama, he found Republicans themselves in the face of agencies have some form of autonomy, generals refused relief unlike the instructions of Foreign Affairs, and the protection of the building were not the responsibility of State or Clinton because the building does not follow them, and the CIA »operate a kind of independence from administration because of the secrecy of its work, and its president at that time was of the Republicans and the Iraq war hero General David Petraeus. Moreover, the insistence on defining responsibilities contributed to uncover a secret intelligence operation was conducted for the benefit of U.S. national security, a secret Republicans supported without reservation, but they found themselves Ekshvunha the unintentionally.
American political debate has permitted taboos, which carry some senior Republicans to retreat on the subject of attack Benghazi in order not to reveal more of the secrets of national security.
But with the retreat, he found that the Republicans' tax revenue agency proceeded to target the right-wing groups and maintain some kind of political spiteful, which triggered the scandal took overwhelm the subject of Benghazi, but after it was revealed that the behind the hill Mauraha.
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