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Editorial: Our money and get out of Chapter VII

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Editorial: Our money and get out of Chapter VII

Unread postby Stillw8n » Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:00 am

Editorial: Our money and get out of Chapter VII

Mohammad Sharif Abu Mayssam
The decision of the U.S. government to extend protection to Iraqi funds for another year, in sync with the invitation of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, the Security Council to subdue controversial issue only humanitarian remaining between Iraq and Kuwait to Chapter VI of the UN Charter, which urges States to resolve their differences by peaceful means rather than Chapter VII, which authorizes the Security Council to impose its will by force, either through sanctions or military intervention ..

What Born a state of uncertainty and confusion for some people due to extension of protection money against the recommendation exit of Iraq from Chapter VII, which increased mixing Hotzaad confusion with the escalation of news and reports about this matter.

Here we must recall the Security Council resolution 1959 in 2008, who founded this confused since that date, as it counted the decision in a timely departure for Iraq from Chapter VII testimony of politicians from within the institution internationalism next to what established his security agreement between Iraq and the United States, which committed recent work in this direction, and kept some talk about restoring Iraq to its natural role and legal status which was lost after the invasion of Kuwait on 2 August 1990, while the decision did not come out of Iraq practically from Chapter VII, but he acknowledged that Iraq no longer poses a threat to international peace and security, and pledged the text contained therein to reconsider all the resolutions relating to Iraq on Background invasion of Kuwait in 1990 “from UN Security Council resolution No. 661 on 6 August 1990.

give Iraq the possibility to dispose of his assets, which make it protected it in the calculation of the Development Fund for Iraq for one year only by the United Nations, and when it ended the period prescribed for the protection of these funds by the UN in 2009, demanded that Iraq from the U.S. government and according to what is stated in the security agreement between the two countries to protect these funds from commercial creditors who were able to earn about 3500 case against Iraq amounts, amounting $ 7.2 billion, Iraq has for payment to these creditors as debt awarded to the tyrant deposed for marketing or sale of goods, the irony here is that the Iraqi side often does not have to substantiate claims of those who submit their papers and Athbatadthm courts Global competent (on debts and loans allegedly obtained for the dictator deposed) without knowing that Iraq Boliat those issues, remained the specter of trade creditors is a constant threat to these funds, prompting the side of Iraq under conditions Alarbakat political claim the U.S. government to renew this protection each year, the most recent demand recommended by the Economic Committee of Ministers before the end of the period of protection for the past year on 22 / May this year, which came on its impact on the approval of U.S. President Obama to renew the protection of Iraqi funds in the accounts of the U.S. Federal.

coincides approval of the U.S. president this year with the recommendation of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to remove Iraq from Chapter VII of the convergence of views between Iraq and Kuwait, as a result of the political movement and negotiations between the two countries, and out of Iraq from Chapter Seventh would give legal cover and internationally depends upon the Iraqi government to expand its activities and the protection of their funds after five years of liberation from the international trusteeship imposed on it in 1990.

The question here is: Can the people of Iraq to protect their money and turn the page creditors after exit from Chapter VII? Will will of political forces will and a unified national to stand generally mafias Capital Market World after this decision?

said mafias money issues known capabilities high turn around and circumvent the legal order to extort money from the states, companies and individuals a variety of ways, which is worn for bass statutory agencies and the judiciary to creditors have been able to تفبرك many issues in the 3500 issue of Iraq has to pay their dues by the policies of the ousted regime, and therefore you will stand by these agencies at this point?

It is natural to say that the only solution to this dilemma national after he regains Iraq full sovereignty, economic is to have the money deposited in Iraqi banks to be potential issues before the eyes of the Iraqi judiciary, but do we have the SAI can protect these funds from the mafias home in light of this confusion that seen in the country?

Most importantly, do we have the will and genuine national united to defend the sovereignty of our money in light of this wrestle continued and the insistence of some to put sticks in the wheel of economic and political development?
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