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U.S. study calls on Iraq to restructure the Special Operations Forces

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U.S. study calls on Iraq to restructure the Special Operations Forces

Unread postby Stillw8n » Thu Sep 12, 2013 10:24 am

U.S. study calls on Iraq to restructure the Special Operations Forces

Emphasized a study published by “The Washington Institute for Near East Studies” that “political infighting procedure” in Baghdad is a major obstacle to strengthening the capacity of Iraq’s security in the fight against terrorism, and stressed that “the solution to the crisis requires measures broader and deeper than improvements in tactical security measures governmental organizations.”

The study reported details of the nature of the political processes that are supposed to accompany the security measures, including specifically “the fate of Sunni prisoners, the extent of Iranian influence in Iraq, and the collective punishment of the year through a random anti-terrorism operations, in preparation to move in a comprehensive national reconciliation.

The study stopped when the situation “Iraqi Special Operations Forces”‘s 4100 people, known combat capabilities and efficiency, she forces to “fight against terrorism”, who suffers from a legal vacuum and Mali since 2007.
She explained that these forces are not part of the chain of command at the Defense Ministry, and they are not affiliated to the agency supported and funded by Parliament, has received in the year 2010 funding of $ 170 million, note that the cost of running the annual $ 350 million, as they found it difficult in access to alternatives from the Ministry of Defense, has been in the year 2009 to provide only 67 percent of its members, but this figure declined in later which increases Ajhadha.

It went on the study to say that one of the most important requirements of short-term and most urgent, is to be restructured, “Iraqi Special Operations Forces,” within the Iraqi security forces, through the support of passing the Anti-Terrorism Act in Parliament, and the development of “a counter-terrorism” under parliamentary control as The new ministry.

The study went on to say: The Iraqi opposition factions regularly configure overwhelming majorities in parliament, and should comply with the anti-terrorism law desire to normalize command and control operations in the special forces and solve the problem of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Accordingly, it is assumed in Washington to use its good offices to promote a new attempt to pass this legislation.

The study concluded to be reminded that even in the case of the return of “Iraqi Special Operations Forces” back to normal, Iraq is not able to find his way out from the crisis, the current security, so that the conditions of recruitment for the organization «Qaeda in Iraq,» has become very favorable at the current stage, so that Baghdad can not rely solely on the coarse operations to combat terrorism, which might experience if it allowed them to Washington to do so. The realization of national reconciliation and broader reform process of resolving the Baath Party, and return to the counter-insurgency methods based on the population, and strengthen the powers of the parliamentary and local government, can all be directed strong blows to al-Qaeda in Iraq. Although Washington can help by providing more professional military education about the technical aspects of counter-insurgency operations based on population, but the broader strategy requires political decisions undermine the status of Iraqi extremists through compromises.
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