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Oprah Winfrey front of less than four months for the experienced

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Oprah Winfrey front of less than four months for the experienced

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Oprah Winfrey front of less than four months for the experienced

11/16/2014 12:29:003

Hit the Queen of talk shows, Oprah Winfrey shock of her life when she discovered through the normal routine examination that she had a cancerous tumor in the fourth stage "and in front of her less than four months for the experienced.
Oprah, who spent more than half her life in helping those in need around the world have stated that they will not be ableto spend their holdings of fortune in a short time so now think about what they can do wealth in excess of $ 2 billion during the three months.
She noted that she would spend half their wealth to realize the dreams of some fans, will also allocate part of the funds for her dogs and her boyfriend Stedman.
seemed Opera in good spirits uncertain they will not feel sad as long as they can buy a small country calling it the "Oprah" immortalized so her forever.
It is noteworthy that Oprah Winfrey has succeeded in attracting millions of viewers and fans for its talk show "Oprah", which moved from a life of poverty and misery to fame and prosperity.
In spite of the issued List of stars the most influential in the world are one of the most human characters around the world, where many of the charities founded and donates continuously for the poor and needy.
amounted wealth Opera in 2003 billion, putting it ranked 427 on the list, which includes 476 billionaires, according to rating Forbes magazine for the year 2005, occupied the Opera ranked ninth in the first 20 character of the women most influential in terms of media and economic power.
The second place according to the classification by Forbes magazine in 2005 in the list of the most influential personalities in the world, which included 100 personal and stepped Winfrey to replace Mel Gibson in terms of Wealth has annual revenue reached $ 225 million. PUKmedia agency now
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