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Russia: Ukrainian pilot shot down the plane Malaysian

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Russia: Ukrainian pilot shot down the plane Malaysian

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Russia: Ukrainian pilot shot down the plane Malaysian

12/25/2014 07:00

Russia - Ukrainian pilot shot down the plane Malaysian

Investigators Roussillon said, Wednesday, they got new evidence from a witness that the pilot Ukraine fired a missile on the crash Malaysian over Ukraine. Investigators said that the witness, who did not reveal his identity, he was working at an airport in the city of Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine claimed that he saw a plane take off On July 17 loaded with Jo-Jo andthey returned without them. A statement of the Commission of Inquiry that a man's "important evidence that the Ukrainian army was involved in the Boeing plane crash 777." dropped the plane that was Flight No. LVMH 17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over eastern Ukraine region controlled by the separatists loyal to Russia, who are fighting the Ukrainian forces since April accuses Ukraine and the West, Russia supplied separatist platform launch surface-to-air missiles, but Russia launched several opposition theories for that and one of the Ukrainian military plane was seen flying near the plane of Malaysia. and Wednesday, Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, published an interview with "confidential witness" said he was working at the airport on the day he was shot down the plane. The man said he saw Sukhoi aircraft -25 off an armed missiles Joe-Joe and back without it. He explained the witness that "the pilot probably fired Those rockets at Boeing from fear or out of revenge .. or maybe they thought another plane. " The newspaper argued that the witness came to office himself, and did not reveal his name because his family is still living in Ukraine.
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