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Kerry is threatening not to hold a nuclear deal with Iran

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Kerry is threatening not to hold a nuclear deal with Iran

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Kerry is threatening not to hold a nuclear deal with Iran

25/06/2015 11:01:00

Kerry is threatening not to hold a nuclear deal with Iran
US Secretary of State John Kerry warned that there would be an agreement between Iran and major powers on Iran's nuclear program if Tehran did not address the outstanding issues in this file, so a few days specified to reach a final agreement deadline before.
Kerry said during a press conference "of likely that the Iranians did not meet all the actions that have been agreed upon inLausanne and in this case there will be no agreement, "referring to the procedures stipulated in the interim between Tehran and major powers on April 2 / April in Switzerland agreement to dispel the west of Iran's nuclear ambitions fears in exchange for the lifting of international and Western sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic.
He said Kerry "the coming days will show whether they will address the outstanding issues or not. If not dealt with (Iran), there will be no agreement", repeating for the second time warned of the probability of the failure of the international diplomatic marathon in the latter his run.
American minister stressed on the other hand he would go to Vienna Friday to participate in negotiations on Iran's nuclear program between Tehran and the Group 5 +1 (United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany), which is supposed to culminate by the end of June this final agreement .
The Kerry statement in response to a question on statements made ​​by Tuesday the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Khamenei, which reaffirmed where the "red lines" for his country in the nuclear negotiations, most notably the lifting of an "immediate" sanctions if the signature on the potential agreement and not to ensure that this Agreement any provision authorizing the inspection "military sites" Iranian.
The Kerry told a news conference at which concluded the seventh round of "strategic and economic between the United States and China dialogue," an annual forum hosted by countries alternately held over three days in the US capital.
Since the beginning of June / June takes place in the Vienna negotiations between Iran and major powers on the experts and political directors of foreign ministries level, presumably caused Kerry to the Austrian capital, the rest of the foreign countries concerned ministers, with the aim of putting the final touches on the possible deal. PUKmedia for AFP
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