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Iraqi Planning: 45% of the next budget for electricity and o

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Iraqi Planning: 45% of the next budget for electricity and o

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Baghdad, September 22 / September (Rn) - The Iraqi Ministry of Planning on Thursday that about 45% of the budget next year will be allocated to the ministries of electricity and oil.

supplemented by the Ministry of Finance budget in 2012 and consisting of 180 trillion Iraqi dinars and a deficit of $ 35 trillion the government says it will deal with the oil revenues. He said Planning Minister Ali Shukri at a conference of Baghdad "in coordination with the Ministry of Finance allocated the Ministry of Planning 45% of the budget in 2012 for the sectors of electricity and oil."

He added that the budget will start disbursement for the first time the government institutions in January next year. He said that his ministry is waiting for approval the budget next Tuesday. Iraq has the fourth-largest oil reserves in the world depends on oil imports to support the financial budget by 95 percent.
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