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Optimism of the increase of investment expenditure in the..

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Optimism of the increase of investment expenditure in the..

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Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:00 am

Optimism of the increase of investment expenditure in the budget of 2012

A budget of 2012 a milestone in the development process in Iraq, not only because of its size has increased (130) trillion dinars, but because of the marked increase of the budget of its investment compared with previous years.

This increase reliable indicator of economists often overcome the chronic crises suffered by Iraq during the eight years past levels of public services and to activate the productive sectors in the country.

He says economic expert, Dr. Sattar al-Bayati said the most striking in the budget of 2012 is the high capital expenditures compared to operating expenses and by up to about (10%) from the 2011 budget. and the direction in the same says a member of the Finance Committee in parliament Najiba Najib that the increase in the rate of investment expenditure will have a positive impact directly on people's lives in Iraq. indicates al-Bayati, to what he sees as new directions in the budget of the States of Iraq through the provision of loans, and not to impose interest on loans, some of the vital sectors such as housing and the agricultural sector and other , and finds the proper direction of an attempt to solve the problems of these sectors.

The Ministry of Finance has raised the project Moana 2012 to the government for discussion in preparation for submission to parliament.

Has designed the budget to the basis of the export of two and a half million barrels of oil per day and at a price (85) dollars per barrel. and confirms al-Bayati said the budget if they are administered in earnest there will be a significant change in Iraqi life. says Najiba Najib, for its part, the budget of 2012 will contribute to attracting a lot of the investments of the mission to the Iraqi market.
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