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Faw port has been allocated funds within the budget of 2012

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Faw port has been allocated funds within the budget of 2012

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Parliamentary Service: Faw port has been allocated funds within the budget of 2012
23/09/2011 15:28


Baghdad, September 23 / ​​September (Rn) - The Committee for Services in the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Friday, for non-allocation of government financial budget in the budget next year to implement the project port of Faw in the Persian Gulf province of Basra in southern Iraq. has not been prescribed Iraq, the execution of the port of Faw Great though the situation in Iraq a cornerstone in April / April 2010, a year before the Declaration of Kuwait to start building the port of Mubarak's controversial between the two sides. A member of the Ahsan al-Awadi, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Iraqi government did not allocate the port of Faw Amola to start to implement it because it did not reach a final decision on the implementation of the project through investment or by paying on credit. " The statement came just days after the General Company for Ports of Iraq it would start work the marine survey of the port of Faw during the next few days. He Awadi that "the Ministry Transportation consider with the Commission services, the parliamentary mechanisms to accelerate the implementation of the port of Faw, which would revive the movement of the ports in Iraq, which requires completion of four billion dollars. " According to the figures of the Ministry of Finance of Iraq, the budget in 2012 amounted to 180 trillion Iraqi dinars and a deficit of $ 35 trillion the government says is address of the proceeds of oil. The Awadi that "the Commission services agreed with the Ministry of Transport to provide the requirements to initiate the implementation of the port of Faw until reaching a final decision on the mechanism of implementation." expected to contain Faw port on the dock of the containers along the 39,000 m and a berth last a length of 2000, as well as from the arena container has an area of more than one million m 2 and the field of multi-purpose area of 600 thousand m 2. The capacity of the port 99 million tonnes annually, whereas the total cost for the establishment of four billion and 400 million euros. Iraq says that the port will change the map of global shipping being transferred goods from Japan and China and Southeast Asia to Europe via Iraq. But Iraq fears that affect port Mubarak, Kuwait's legitimate and Iraqi ports other Persian Gulf, did not announce Baghdad for its official position of the port of Kuwait after, although it sent a technical committee to Kuwait last month. From: Jafar Allonan . Open: Abdullah Sabri
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