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The arrival of hundreds of American soldiers to Israel

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The arrival of hundreds of American soldiers to Israel

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The arrival of hundreds of American soldiers to Israel

Monday 15 October 2012

Follow-up - and babysit -
Arrived Sunday, hundreds of American soldiers to join officers from the U.S. Army were arrived in Israel in recent days to coordinate the ongoing preparations to conduct joint exercises with the Israeli army.

The Israeli press sources reported that the exercises, which begin next week and continue for three weeks.

Channel Two said on Israeli television, said the exercises would be "the largestjoint military exercises between the United States and Israel."

The networks are testing antibiotics as well as the Israeli air batteries anti-missile missiles, "Hatz" missile interception system "Iron Dome."

These exercises take place at a time when accuses Israel and the United States and much of the international community Iran of seeking to acquire an atomic bomb under cover of a civilian nuclear program, which Tehran denies flatly.

The American Time magazine said in a report that Washington reduced the number of U.S. military personnel traveling to Israel to participate in these maneuvers by more than two-thirds and reduced the number and strength of interceptor missile systems used in the exercises named "Austir Challenge 12."

Instead of about five thousand American military would send the Pentagon only between 1200 and 1500 element to participate in these exercises, according to the magazine itself.

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