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An unprecedented escalation .. Russia put 30 advanced fighter aircraft to face Turkey

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An unprecedented escalation .. Russia put 30 advanced fighter aircraft to face Turkey

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An unprecedented escalation .. Russia put 30 advanced fighter aircraft to face Turkey


Palm - decided Russian Air Force sent 30 aircraft to Cyprus from Sukhoi 35 one of the newest types of fighter jets Russian, which is the aircraft fifth generation that can not be detected radar and comparable jets F-35 U.S., to be off the coast of the Turkish, Syrian and Lebanese, in the absence of carriers Russian aircraft insufficient, and that the Greek Cypriot military strategic relationship with Russia, according to the New York Times.

The Russian aircraft will about 10 patrols a day in the air off theTurkish Cyprus, Syria and Lebanon expert talks about a possible air confrontation between Russian aircraft and Turkish aircraft.

The newspaper said that Turkish planes violate every day Turkish Cypriot atmosphere and passing over the atmosphere of Greek Cyprus, but not over the capital, but in its airspace, and Greek Cyprus are very important and expensive at the heart of Moscow.

A Russian official said that Moscow considered the atmosphere of Greek Cyprus is the atmosphere of the Russian Federation does not accept Turkish planes or other flying over Greek Cyprus.

It is noteworthy that in the Greek Cypriot British base called base "Akrotiri" and 40 warplane but Russian aircraft Sukhoi 35 No ideals in the region except the U.S. aircraft, which is capable of dropping 6 goals air at the same time because they carry 6 missiles / Joe Joe / extremely modern Turkey says it seized of this kind in the Russian cargo rocket that inflicted and coming from Moscow.

The newspaper added that NATO experts studying modern missile "Joe Joe" who confiscated by Turkey, but Russia and developed methods to prevent Fatah missile only to destroy it.

As Russia Fboda 30 aircraft Sukhoi 35 in Greek Cyprus has said America and NATO, Turkey: The war ستشتعل in the region if attacked Syria militarily, because the largest forces strike air are in Greek Cyprus as well as the presence of 4 aircraft experience and knowledge AWACS American, a Russian-made joined the Sukhoi 35 aircraft to protect Russian means the message that the 30 Russian-made aircraft upset the balance of power and gave a signal that the Russian Air Force will defend Syrian airspace, knowing that Moscow distanced Turkey from military intervention!!.

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