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Obama prepares to electronic attack on Iran?!!

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Obama prepares to electronic attack on Iran?!!

Unread postby admin » Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:10 am

Knockout Romney .. Obama prepares to electronic attack on Iran?!!


Palm - sources spoke several American that U.S. President Barack Obama may offer to conduct surprise to deliver a mortal blow to rival Republican candidate "Mitt Romney" and through electronic attack on Iran, with the increased competition between him and Romney, as he called observers that it will be " October surprise. "

This action is usually ahead of the U.S. elections, which will take place in themonth of November, in the hope to be the final blow to the other competitor.

And counts news sources American spoke to the attack-mail to Iran, and data and letters television exciting from President Obama, and senior officials, with the end of October to ensure Obama's victory, especially as Romney, despite announcing that he will rigorous more than Obama about Iran, did not say what he will do, The "Romney" refused to commit himself to the use of force against Iran if he wins the Presidency of the Republic.

And based on these sources as saying the network news, "CNN's" statements of U.S. officials reiterated the accusation, and someone said: Certainly, improved Iran of its capabilities in the field of the Web, and we're watching it, and worried about the growing abilities in this regard on the ground.

The other U.S. sources said, after a speech Leon Panetta, U.S. Defense Secretary, on Thursday, said that American intelligence agencies are planning to e-emptive attack on Iran.

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