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British intelligence chiefs persuaded Israel to postpone the strike Iran's nuclear facilities

Unread postPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:30 am
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British intelligence chiefs persuaded Israel to postpone the strike Iran's nuclear facilities

Posted 31/10/2012 06:48 PM

London - UBI
newspaper revealed "Sun" on Wednesday, officials British intelligence persuaded Israel to postpone the strike Iranian nuclear installations to the spring of next year.
newspaper said a source high-level British government, did not reveal his identity, said that Tel Aviv "and agreed topostpone military strike presumed until the spring of next year to give an opportunity for sanctions to take effect, after talks with officials from British intelligence. "
and added that the onset of winter has spoiled plans by Israel to strike Iran's nuclear facilities, from need military leaders to clear skies to send troops paratroopers to remote mountain locations where these facilities are located.

The newspaper quoted a source as saying, "The weather conditions are no longer favorable to Israel's plans", noting that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was announced that his country enrich enough uranium to produce its first nuclear bomb in the summer of next year.
It pointed out that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Select this period deadline to the world to stop Iran's nuclear program.
and Sun quoted British MP Ben Wallace, a member of the parliamentary committee on relations British Iranian saying that "Israel's interest to give a chance to take the sanctions and other measures ineffective, as Iran must be aware it in their interest also to dispel concerns about the nature of its nuclear program. "
were press reports recently revealed that John Sawers, head of the external security British (MI6), held secret visit unusual to Israel to urge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to give the green light to plans attacking Iran.
Sawers said Netanyahu delivered a message to the effect that the British government opposes military action against Iran now, because it believes that the Israeli attack against Tehran's nuclear facilities could be imminent.