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Canadian site: America cooperate with criminals and murderers slaughtered...

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Canadian site: America cooperate with criminals and murderers slaughtered...

Unread postby admin » Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:14 am

Canadian site: America cooperate with criminals and murderers slaughtered Syrians in cold blood???

Sunday November 4, 2012

Follow-up - and babysit -
After revealing scheme prepared by the United States in cooperation with Saudi Arabia and the Zionist entity for aggression against Syria and destruction returned site "Global Research" Canadian reveals once again one of the most serious plots targeting the Syrian people and security and highlightsthe existence of death squads especially committed massacres with Washington's blessing and its logistical support and material.

In an article expanded titled "death squads American stuck delicto" Web site said the United States Chen wars dirty and directly cooperate where with allies criminals killed in cold blood and massacred routinely as if they were killing machine does not subside and the greater the severity of these killers increased impress Washington with them, and confirmed the site that leading the U.S. authorities bear the responsibility and the protection of civilians is not only a license to kill and torture where they are recruiting killers willing to commit crimes can not be described for a few dollars and are arming, funding and training and deployment of these killers to commit the most heinous crimes unimaginable to continue killing like Sports daily.

The site revealed that the massacres in Syria occur in times of a specific strategy, and according to the site, unarmed supporters of the Syrian government were the only goal in the massacre, which accused the Syrian government committing injustice and that these charges will not be the first or last of its kind.

The Web site said last atrocities committed by death squads in Syria was so obvious undeniable or hide pointing to a group of gunmen days before the execution of military and civilian Syrians in Sracb The Web site said that the fact the massacre was clearly making it difficult for supporters of the opposition تكذيبها the presence of a video documenting what actually happened.

According to the site, Washington believed that policies based on the arming and financing armed groups in Syria in cooperation with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey would be enough to destabilize Syria and now become clear that the bulk of the Syrians oppose these groups that represent a mixture of armed groups became subject more and more control of thought " Jihadi "radical associated often with al Qaeda.

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