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Discover Russian atomic submarine off the coast of the U.S.

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Discover Russian atomic submarine off the coast of the U.S.

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Discover Russian atomic submarine off the coast of the U.S.


Palm - Network reported "CNN" American television on Nov. 7 / October, citing informed sources in the Pentagon that was discovered submarine atomic Russian near the coast the U.S., a submarine second you see within 3 months Last near the east coast south of the United States America.

According to the information available to the U.S. military has emerged, this time at the U.S. Coast submarine "walk - 2" modern Russian (and according to NATO classification) of the Russian northern fleet. It was discovered on Tuesday after 400 miles of the U.S. coast.

The source said the U.S. Department of Defense that it has entered in an area close to Florida, where the U.S. aircraft carrier and its escort ships conducted naval exercises. The Defense Department says U.S. submarine has at the present time to change course heading towards Europe, and are now away from the U.S. coast a distance of 950 kilometers.

Meanwhile representatives of the Pentagon says the goal of visiting an unknown Russian submarine.

It is reported that the submarine "walk - 2" is the submarine "Condor" Russian Atomic multiple tasks of the project 945. And provide submarine missiles "Granite" winged, and she devoted to the follow-up to strategic submarines and aircraft carriers of the potential enemy and destroy the armed conflict.

According to U.S. media in August / past that of a Russian submarine "Akula" capable of carrying long-range winged missiles succeeded in hiding for a whole month in the Gulf of Mexico near the coast of the U.S. without being monitored by one. Refuted and the U.S. Department of Defense this information. The Pentagon spokeswoman announced Wendy Schneider, saying: "I do not know Allam adopt such information, but unfounded."

The submarine "Wakulla" designed in the yard "Robin" in St. Petersburg in the eighties to counter submarines American model "Ohio." Submarines are still model "Wakulla" is so far from the world's largest submarine which is characterized by a low level of noise and a length of 175 meters and 8 t 22 m tonnage of 49 tons and its crew of 170 people.

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