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Did the Americans call "fire" on the Iraqis for fun?!!

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Did the Americans call "fire" on the Iraqis for fun?!!

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Did the Americans call "fire" on the Iraqis for fun?!!


Palm - work (Shane Schmidt) in the U.S. Marines for seven years, was something of a sniper unit, either (Chuck Shepherd) has spent seven years in the U.S. Army. After left them to serve in the army each found its way to the legions of private security companies operating in Iraq and contracting with the U.S. military. The two were working together on the eighth of July 2006 when he witnessedwhat crime أسمياه.

They say that the U.S. last shot without justification on two civilian cars, and that it happened during a mission to Baghdad International Airport when uttered their supervisor - who was leaving Iraq in the next day - disturbing words where he said he would kill someone today. I think men that he was joking, but he fired first on a white truck was behind at a distance of 100 yards. Schmidt says, "break down the door and put one of his feet and fired seven or eight barrages on a white truck was behind us."

Late in the day and during the next task - by Shepard - The supervisor "I've never fired from my gun," and then turned around and opened the door of the wheel and fired several shots at a taxi wander in the road, but is confident of killing one of them . Shepherd says, "I know it fired at innocent civilians and I know we have trained well on the shooting."

Shepard acknowledged and Schmidt that they waited for two days until the supervisor to leave Iraq in order to submit a report incidents to their company, "Triple Canopy" and the company says that the two men with parcels Mcharfhma abusive who denied it did .. Today the Shepard and Schmidt to sue the company in Dawahma allege that they were expelled "in retaliation of them because of their criminal already own report, which were two witnesses," says Shepherd, "I think we kicked us out because they wanted to cover up the incident."

Triple Canopy company denies shooting, but says that the facts in dispute him what caused the fire. The company says it has no evidence of damage to one of the incident. For his part, Schmidt acknowledged that he fired his gun that day on a car engine that did not stop.

Company insists that the two men vulnerable to expulsion for not telling them about the incident immediately and not in retaliation of them also claim. Tell me the Arsudail CEO of the company, "they did not implement our policy, we require communications instant when any incident uses the weapon, and that the users reported immediately, but Shepard and Schmidt had reported the incident after it took place more than 48 hours and not 30 hours also claim, "as the company said it had conducted an interview with the leader of the group, says Arsudail" has denied the incident, but they say it happened. they Athmana and is, in turn, accuse. "

You can not NBC News to reach the leader of the group, also said his phone was disconnected, and the company says it can not say for sure that no one was injured, says Arsudail "I hope with all my heart and I pray that no one was hurt, there are no reports injuries. "

For Schmidt and Sheppard, they feared for their work, as Schmidt says, "it is clear that this man is unstable and out of control and in fact we were afraid for our lives."

The company says it has Investigation on fire, and interviewed users involved, and it was organized file the subject with the participation of the main contractor (Kellock Brown and Root), which works in his favor, and she had told U.S. military incident three days after the flag incident fire.

For her part, Kellock said - and is a subsidiary of Halliburton - it would not comment on the topic because of the ongoing litigation. A spokesman for the U.S. military in Iraq, said officials do not have a copy of the report of the company or any details about the shooting, while Schmidt and Sheppard said that no one was related, Schmidt says, "There is no follow-up from any government agency."

This incident is not the only incident, there were similar allegations include other companies and there is no single security contractor in Iraq faces charges of attacking civilians .. As for Triple Canopy company says that this is the first time that the allegations against her.

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