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"The Washington Times": Obama reshape America for the worse?!!

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"The Washington Times": Obama reshape America for the worse?!!

Unread postby admin » Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:59 am

"The Washington Times": Obama reshape America for the worse?!!


Palm - newspaper criticized the "Washington Times" on Friday President Barack Obama, said: "It has succeeded in transforming America from a constitutional Republic into a socialist empire, pointing out that this is the true meaning and the historical importance of the results of the recent presidential elections.

The newspaper said in an article he wrote Jeffrey كوهنر: that since the first moment of his presidency, Obama announced that he would be a leader "for change", and re-election to indicate he completed his initial goal: a European social democracy.

The writer reported that Obama's first period was a failure by any standard:legislation, and economic stimulus, and health care reform, "all of which failed to find popular acceptance." The economic growth has stopped, and unemployment remained a chronic problem, and recovery is infected with anemia, and inflation is on the rise, and the inability of the government budget amounted to five trillion, also reached the national debt 16 trillion, "which threatens our economic security .. We slip to be the Aunana other, and to the imminent bankruptcy. "

Author did not stop criticizing the voters as well, when he said: "Despite all what I mentioned failures, voters Akaviouna another presidential term," and wondered: why voters behave like this? And he replied that the reason is that more than 50% of them dependent on government subsidies.

He stated that during the past four years, the Obama administration has established welfare state Franco - German, the sole purpose of establishing a political alliance between the majority of the citizens and the Democratic Party.

The كوهنر pointed out big government spending in the areas of health, economic and social issue in detail, to say: "The Obama Department of America two parts: the tax producers and consumers of taxes .. donors and becoming born of wealth and those who exploit it."

He added: "That explains Obama's strategy - play the ethnic card, and attacking millionaires and billionaires unabated, and fabricate false charges against the Republican Party (fighting women)."

The writer explained that the only real war is a war of Democrats that are not interrupted against traditional America, but Obama is conducting a policy of "divide and conquer" the old, although his goal division and polarization of society in a ruthless quest for power.

Continued كوهنر says: The road is clear in front of Obama's full conversion to America, he plans to reward Latino voters who أوصلوه to the second presidential pardon period than between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants.

And attributed to the New York Times as saying that Obama is thinking of "comprehensive reform of the immigration laws" as his priority in the second term.

The كوهنر concluded his article by saying: The President did not seem only contempt for the Constitution, and he reshapes America, according to his vision. He asked: Are Republicans powerless to stop it? "If the answer is no, return Vststhil from Obama's America."

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