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Iraq calls for the use of the oil weapon in the face of Israeli aggression

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Iraq calls for the use of the oil weapon in the face of Israeli aggression

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Iraq calls for the use of the oil weapon in the face of Israeli aggression


Palm - said Dr. "Qays al-Azzawi" Iraqi representative to the Arab League, whose country holds the current session of the Arab summit that Iraq will tomorrow at a meeting of Arab foreign ministers on the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip advocate the use of the oil weapon in order to form a real pressure on the United States of America andof the stand with the Israeli occupation.

He Azzawi in a statement that the weapon is economic strongest calling activated to confirm stand with the Palestinian people, stressing that the Israeli occupation has no deterrent as long standing United States and much of the West with him where you do not miss the world and the international community not to Israel's commitment to any international resolutions since 1948.

He said that in the current time there are no military potential of the Arabs to defend themselves and proof of this is subjected to the Gaza Strip from the continuous violations which leads us to think seriously exploit the enormous economic potential for the Arabs to confront the Israeli occupation.

The Azzawi to the summit of Latin American countries in Peru recently and the possibility to benefit from the support of its which includes nine of the world's largest oil producer for the Palestinian cause and Arab issues because what happened in the 1973 war the best proof of the success of this weapon in the battle of the Arabs with the Zionist entity.

And hinted Azzawi to the possibility of making decisions that are frozen economic relations for a specified period with the stand with the Israeli occupation in order to work to stop orgy Israeli in the region and stop the targeting of unarmed civilians by using warplanes stressing that if the opposite happened was used military aviation against Israelis, the international community will not silent.

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