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Russian conflict - the U.S. Open .. Russian warships against Patriot

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Russian conflict - the U.S. Open .. Russian warships against Patriot

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Russian conflict - the U.S. Open .. Russian warships against Patriot


Palm - The conflict began U.S. - Russian up to its peak with the announcement of the NATO led America for monument Patriot missiles along the Turkish border with Syria, after breaking Turkey written request to NATO, who has agreed to it, and decides to send Patriot missiles, from Europe to publish it on along the Turkish border - Syrian 800 km-long.

These rockets United States will provide and NATO free to Turkey, which is ametaphor for the missile batteries, each battery carrying 4 missiles, but the intensity fire, which decided to NATO and America sent to Turkey, amounting to launch 1,000 rockets at, if it wants Turkey to do so.

And will oversee the work of U.S. soldiers Patriot missiles and U.S. engineers and specialists in computer-mail from America, Europe, and they train the forces of the Turkish army gradually to use Patriot missiles.

This step to set up the Patriots, is warning that fly over Syria is near, and that NATO would Syria do not fly planes in the north of the country along the border with Turkey, but will be shot down by Patriot missiles.

Moscow received quickly the news, decided to send 4 battleships to the port of Tartous, the military base of the Russian Federation for maintenance, not usually come 4 battleships at the same time to the base of Tartus Russian Navy at one time, but come barge behind a barge for maintenance, but President Putin summoned the Russian army chief of staff, asking what we can do for the development of Patriot missiles along the Turkish border - Syrian? He said to him: We have 11 pieces freely in the Mediterranean, and are able to freely send 30 pieces from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, across the Bosphorus Strait.

Putin asked him to send additional 10 battleships and request to send 4 battleships to the Syrian coast, as a message to Washington, that the use of Patriot missiles offset by the use of missiles of Russian battleships against Patriot missiles.

At this time, leadership decided Syrian military secret plan for rocket arsenal owned, in addition to Syria put missiles underground, which is a phenomenon and no one can beat her aviation or artillery or rockets, they are all placed on the railway, and the intervention in the mountains and out to bombard also that if Turkey bombed the attack on Syria, Hezbollah بصواريخه from the town of Hermel and Groudha able to hit the city of Hatay and other cities in Turkey, from the north-eastern Bekaa region in support of the Syrian army.

These rockets owned by thousands of Hezbollah, which is capable of hitting Turkey from the Bekaa easily complete and close distance can be achieved casualties on the Turkish side, but this is not the only important Patriot missiles, but the no-fly mission.

If you decide to NATO and America to impose a no-fly on Syria, Russia will say, not Tltzme these decisions, but followers of your plan. Noting that fall real confrontation between the Syrian army, supported by the Russian army with the Turkish army, naval warships may be involved in the battle and beating the Patriots on the ground to silence her, and make them can not proceed from Turkish territory.

In Moscow got lunch gathering personal Syria important, and personal Russian pillars of Putin and after quarter of an hour from the start of lunch, arrived President Putin to a meeting and lunch Syrian official with the Russian official, Vtfajoa his presence, and sat with them Putin and started talking about Syria, and the most important is what I as president of Russia I will not allow the fall of the regime in Syria, and everything you need Syria of weapons and the ability to withstand we are ready in Russia.

Indeed, attended by engineers and computer experts from Russia to Syria, and for the first time Syria is developing long-range missiles capable of hitting targets are important, and put these missiles towards Turkey.

In this regard, President Assad does not ask not afraid if the case is a story of life and death, because he considered that the dignity of Syria is on the line, and power is at stake. As Turkey has been threatening every time to strike Syria, this time, they can attack Syria, but the battle will be fierce, and with all kinds of weapons, missiles and aircraft, tanks and mines and everything.

Putin said at lunch, Christians in the Orient is a red line, and Russia have started to work on this basis, it will not accept deportation Greek Orthodox Christians of Syria, also said these groups coming from Islam Salafi and fundamentalist according intelligence reports Russia, will fall and fall back in front of this and provide modern weapons for the army Syrian.

And as soon as the missiles Syria towards Turkey, after the trend was only about occupied Palestine, learned the Turkish leadership that the Syrian army has guided missiles towards Turkey, he considered the Turkish military to him, in the event of war resolved within 6 hours, and will try to occupy the city of Latakia, Aleppo and Mount corner and Idlib as soon as possible so as not to post Syrian missiles if Turkey were bombed that affect their operations.

But Syria erected 1500 field gun along the border with Turkey and is being held offshore, or able monument 1500 field gun jumping at the same moment shelling along the border to silence and beaten the Patriots, is the ability of fire provided by the Russian Federation of the Syrian army.

That amount of field guns can the Syrian army that governs all defenses and attack against machines through the launch of the 1500 gun Qmaivhm toward goals coming from Turkey.

Battleships the 4 Russian reached the port of Tartus, and were stationed there, and Moscow sent by sending ships message to Washington, which she says want to settle in Syria, we are ready, and if you want a war in Syria, we also are ready, so he will not get in Syria, as happened in Libya.

Centered piece Russian off port of Tartus, and showed its missiles from its place above the ships so unimaginable satellites it ready for launch, while Syria has the largest arsenal of missiles in the region ready to use these missiles against Turkey if attacked Syria and thus, the war major regional erupt if the NATO and the United States adventure against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

President Assad will not be subject to the conditions Turkey if there is a war or sought to impose a no-fly, but Schtbek aircraft with each other, and at the same time field artillery will destroy the Syrian stations put Patriot missiles cross fire of 1500 cannon.

This is the first scenario of the situation, and if they and Washington that Turkey will develop missiles many, in addition to the bombing of Hezbollah from the Bekaa northeastern city in Turkey and the bombing of missiles Syria to Turkey, the Turkish army will enter Syria by land and attack, and whatever attacked, he even took the northern region of Syria , the Syrian army remains a significant extent of the fighting and would then Syria of arming the Kurds and give them the green light to carry out operations against the Turkish army.

The Kurds are ready for a war of this kind, but they want and ask for weapons every day of the Syrian army which refuses, and they wish to obtain weapons to fight against the Turkish army, if army entered Turkish Syria, it means that the Kurds will run in the fiercest battle with the Turkish army in the guerrilla war continues endless because the Kurds are fighting in the heart of Turkey, how if the Turkish army became the Syrian territory in their areas.

Here stands things, stands the situation at the crossroads seriously, what do you do Turkey, Turkey is able to ground invasion zones and range of Syria, but this time you will receive rockets from Syria and Hezbollah, as well as operations continued Kurds in the PKK, which wants the struggle against the Turks , and need a weapon here will open his stores of ammunition and weapons to go into combat and estimated number of Kurds who want to fight against Turkey at about 200 thousand Kurds are ready to fight against the Turkish army in the event of entering Syria, and they will come even from Turkey to Syria, and from there they go to the front to fight.

Circles of Damascus says that the Turkish horror that existed towards Turkey, and the fear of the Turkish army no longer exists, Syria is a sovereign state, and Syria is a state to defend itself does not infringe on a .. If some forced it to go to war, it will lead the war.

According to sources in Damascus that Syria will not be alone, but it will be a part of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Sadr and the Dawa Party and the Shiite forces in Iraq, in addition to the Army Revolutionary Guards ready to come to fight, in addition to support Russian military all kinds of weapons, giving specialists and experts from the Russian Federation for the Syrian army to fighting and can defend himself.

Consequently, the time the fear of Turkey is over, and if it wants Turkey to start a war is losing, and will fall Erdogan in the next election, and president will come to parties new want better relations with Syria have been left in front of Erdogan only a period of time so that elections are held and are choosing a new president to Turkey.

President Bashar al-Assad is betting on the advent of Turkish president to moderate is President Erdogan, in any case, the President took the lion decision confrontation, stands Russia at his side, and there is a weapon secret military will not be disclosed, so that the Russian Federation brought modern weapons and undetectable I put it in Syria Adapted Syrian leadership, but under the supervision and management experts from the Russian army, and this weapon weapon very sophisticated, can not be disclosed until the hour of use, and the lack of many in the Syrian army know that Syria received kinds of weapons from Russia are a huge deterrent to those who attack it, Because these weapons are able to disable many things we do not want mentioned, but words one can topple any plane hit any warship and hit any tanks on the ground, and more than that we can not talk about this weapon very modern and advanced and the last thing produced by factories in the Russian Federation.

Wanted to Russia and Putin informed the United States and NATO that this weapon outstanding Pat exists in Syria, he asked President Putin revealed a base for this weapon, so inconceivable satellites American, French and British, and then realize that it's not a joke, and that Russia is ready to confront.

He then asked President Putin to hide weapons, and considered that the image of the weapon and arrived at the Office of the President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister Cameron and French President Holland, and this is enough to think of the parties not to enter a war against Syria.

Dangerous step may be taken
at this time, studies are under way at the level of Syria, Hezbollah and Russia, that, in the event launched Turkey attack on Syrian territory, or supported armed militants, in addition to the formation of power in northern Lebanon against Syria, what will happen.

The answer to that is already a big surprise, and can not be easily ratification or enter one conviction easily, but سيعتبرها kind of talk maneuver. It is in fact a deliberate move may be implemented if the need arises, what is this step?

If it exploded in Syria, it will sweeping Hezbollah attack along the Lebanese territory, while the Syrian army enters regions of Akkar to the borders of Tripoli, and controlled by Hezbollah and Syria militarily to Lebanon. And become a very complex battle, Hezbollah with the Amal Movement and the National Party and Aoun's party would not stand against Hezbollah's military control on the ground.

As for Syria, you will process control in northern Lebanon, and so are put Europe in front of a very dangerous situation, unthinkable, as would be great shock for Europe, which is not able to do what you want, so if she asks the Lebanese Army is certain the officers Shiites will not accept foreign forces to enter Lebanon.

Also, the army command you want to maintain the country, and will seek to adjust things as much as possible, but things bigger than the movement of the Lebanese army, and thus فستقف America and Europe before the situation is unable to act, because it is capable of landing forces in Lebanon to fight Hezbollah and its allies and Syria's allies and the Syrian army in Lebanon, because this situation will be very expensive.

The Syrian army, in addition to Hezbollah, the forces in Akkar, North had no weapons are important and can be silenced within 24 hours and, therefore, put Europe and the United States in front of control over the whole of Lebanon, will make Europe and America re-calculations towards the Syrian regime and toward Hezbollah and would consider percent before doing invasion to fight the Syrian army and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Hezbollah understands that if the Syrian regime fell in Syria, not in front of him, but rush towards strategic control joints in the country and on the tops of the mountains and the joints of the main roads.

Thus the crisis of Syria must evolve, and when he says President Assad that no one can afford سقوطي, it means that, and considers that the military power that still tells her, enough to hit any internal movement in Syria, and if captured gunmen from the opposition on the base, comes Syrian aviation The raid lead to the destruction of al-Qaeda and armed elements of the opposition, which wants to overthrow the regime.

From here he could not gunmen seize control of any area or city and shut down in the face of the regular army Syrian, and this is the master plan of President Bashar al-Assad, that can not insurgents control the area for them and be beyond the control of the Syrian army formal and fought from the beginning battle door Amr down to the battle Mount angle so as not to be shut down area in the face of the regular army.

And go back to the question of what to do Russia in the event of the imposition of NATO air embargo on Syria

Russia would announce that NATO's move is accepted by Russia, and that Ross will lead the aircraft pilots in Syrian airspace, and if shot down by a Patriot missile, it means a war against Russia by Turkey, then Turkey must bear responsibility for what you do.

In addition to the possibility of opening a front Iranian - Turkish, where the Iranian army attack toward Turkish territory, shelling violently rocket in order to prevent the Turkish army from singling out Syria, Taking that clash largest armies in the region, Turkish and Iranian and then meet the UN Security Council and the major powers to put serious solution to the problem.

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