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Israeli bomb - British kill Arabs only!!!

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Israeli bomb - British kill Arabs only!!!

Unread postby admin » Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:56 am

Israeli bomb - British kill Arabs only

Monday 3 December 2012

Follow-up - and babysit -
Media picked up and Arab news Web sites referring to Israeli project - British Ahv to bomb kills Arabs and not others, and through the development of combination, especially in the bomb using chemicals targeting a specific gene does not have any of the races, only Arabs. The experiments werecarried out to prepare the bomb in the Institute of Biological Research "Ness Tziona", which is the main center for research on chemical and biological weapons in Israel, also emphasizes "the Tunisian" news channel quoting "Press TV" of Iran. The site confirms that this bomb-makers have worked so spread viruses in the water and air to easily achieve the goal through these elements are necessary for human life, referring to these viruses would target Arabs alone will not affect in any way the non-Arabs. According to the channel you got this information from secret sources, it was found already viruses "bomb ethnic" in Qatar, where he held British researchers and Israeli experiences to verify the effectiveness of viruses and their success by targeting Arabs, without reference to whether "confidential sources" had reached information about satisfaction of the managers of these bomb on the basis of results, which is supposed to be achieved in Qatar.

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