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Libyan arms shipments transported weekly to "Syrian opposition" with the knowledge of the U.S.

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Libyan arms shipments transported weekly to "Syrian opposition" with the knowledge of the U.S.

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Libyan arms shipments transported weekly to "Syrian opposition" with the knowledge of the U.S.

Saturday 8 December 2012

Follow-up - and babysit - revealed channel "Fox News" U.S. that arms shipments depart weekly from ports Libyan several, including Misrata and Benghazi, and the size of a shipment of arms varies, but tonnage ships exceeding sometimes 600 tons of arms to Syria, adding have transferred weapons to help the Syrians fighting al-Assad.
He said that some of these ships transported withprofessional fighters shipments from around the region gather in Libya before heading to Syria, Frvo as "Libyan brigade."

The sources said two Britons separate, pursuant to the ground in Benghazi, Fox News Channel, the shipping arms to opposition fighters Syrian significant similarities transfer of arms to Libya during Antfadtha, said one exporters that weapons and fighters were heading to Syria to be sure, that the United States was known that certainly Although the majority of shipments stalled since the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi fear these weapons falling into the hands of Islamic extremists.

The channel "Fox News Sunday" that the details revealed by the source and two Britons sources of marine, asking not to be named for security reasons match what American contractor, who asked the other is anonymity.

The sources said all the weapons being shipped from Libya unloaded in Turkish ports, but some end up money off the Lebanese coast where it is discharged at sea. Then extends through the transfer of weapons from Turkey, Lebanon, across the international border into Syria to support the opposition fighters against the Assad regime has learned Fox News Channel from these sources that about five warehouses used to store weapons in Benghazi and Misrata before being transferred to Syria.

The source, when asked if maritime arms shipments covert operation does not know a Libyan ports or other ports in the Mediterranean region, he replied sure that everyone knows .. It's not a secret at all, and can work much more, but to the whole world that works more .. The war in Syria become a war of attrition, and the Syrians really need help. "

The source also said that one marine ships were loaded with weapons and ready to sail to Lebanon in July / last July when an American investigator insisted Aatlaúha and inspection of the shipment. In the end, allowed the ship to take off to a spot to dump its cargo off the Lebanese coast, in the meantime, I learned Fox News Channel also said that the United States spies several working in the area for months, and that reconnaissance planes drone was flying over Benghazi almost every night during the summer , and watching other Libyan ports as well, such as the port of Derna, and the same sources said that the United States has many "logistics" also in the region to help in the examination of the arms shipments.

And a U.S. intelligence source said that the administration does not want to make decisions ... And they do not want to engage in another process after Libya and therefore we stayed from six to nine months sitting on our hands, as was the situation continues to deteriorate, the source said other countries, such as Qatar and other Gulf states began moving to help the fighters Syrians, which was imposed on us move.

The source continued U.S. that the United States can certainly say that we did not provide weapons to Syria because this defense is based to digging in the minutest details, and that the transitional government Libyan offered in November 2011 to allow the delivery of arms to "freedom fighters Syrians for freedom" and can that these weapons pass through Turkey, Lebanon and distribution stems from there.

The source said Marine, who runs the ships in the Mediterranean, he was worried about what will happen with the worsening situation in Syria, and begin firing rockets into Israel, adding that the role of Iran and Hezbollah now bigger than ever in support of the Assad regime.

The source marine that sending 600 tons of weapons on board a ship or so once a week is not enough, and noted by observers that the opposition fighters have received in the past few months on the heavy weapons would not have dreamed of before, including rockets, mortars and cannons other tanks and even missiles portable surface-to-air finally used to bring down aircraft Syria.

And on the Syrian side of the door fancy border crossing with Turkey, was stationed on Thursday about 24 armored vehicles and tanks belonging to the opposition fighters.

And resulted in an increase of arms flowing to the opposition for a change in the balance of power towards the equivalent كفتيه and encourage armed opposition to step up attacks that have succeeded in controlling the rules several army system and noted U.S. officials gains opposition despite the continuing U.S. reluctance to weapons directly.

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