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The United States used Qatar and the UAE to change the Arab regimes!!!

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The United States used Qatar and the UAE to change the Arab regimes!!!

Unread postby admin » Sat Dec 08, 2012 10:15 am

The United States used Qatar and the UAE to change the Arab regimes

Saturday, December 8, 2012 14:03

Translation / Baghdadiya News / .. The New York Times reported in its report that the United States was used in secret two Gulf states, namely Qatar and the United Arab Emirates for the shipment of weapons to rebel groups in Libya and Syria in its efforts to help change the governments of those countries.
The report, seen by The translated / Baghdadiya News / that "reliance on alternatives allowed the U.S. put their mark on those operations, but at the same time may have played those twoways conflict with U.S. interests in reference to Washington's concerns that those two Alastbdadetyn may have been carrying out giving weapons to terrorist groups in Libya and Syria at the moment and which is hostile to them.
According to the report, it is in the midst of Washington's fears that the arms shipments that were sent to Libya through its customers Arabs in the Gulf may have ended in the hands of groups that have killed four Americans in the bombing of Benghazi during last September, including the U.S. ambassador in Libya, where the management Obama considering at the moment whether they can play a direct role in arming rebels in Syria, while flow of weapons from Qatar and other countries backed by the United States.
The report went on to several U.S. officials did not disclose their names said, "that the administration of President Obama did not specify that went all those weapons that pay their money from Qatar and the UAE to Libya, adding that Qatar has shipped these small arms to Libya by air and sea, which has demanded Qatar to pay their price from the new Libyan government.
The newspaper quoted U.S. officials and foreigners and arms dealers have been moving some weapons from Libya to militants of al-Qaeda in Mali while I went further shipments to Syria as indicated by other officials that the first entrance of the UAE to the Obama administration was in the beginning of the intifada Libyan students ear ship weapons U.S. The United States supports the UAE and that the Americans initially refused the request, but the urgency of the Emirates on the shipment of arms to Libya can not be attributed to the United States.
The report also revealed that the arms dealer from Arizona named Mark Turi was involved in the shipment of U.S. arms to Qatar for profit where I license by Washington so but his home had been raided later by security officers to investigate the dealings of weapons has insisted Turi in his statements that he was a scapegoat because he was nepotism in the deal between the Obama administration and Qatar, as complained that the Qataris did not impose any controls on who will get the weapons understand, he said, "were handing out sweets weapons." Finished / 21

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