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Syrian regime exhausted its financial reserves

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Syrian regime exhausted its financial reserves

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Syrian regime exhausted its financial reserves

Posted 14/12/2012 12:59 PM

Britain - UBI
revealed the "Daily Telegraph" on Friday, citing a source it described as close viewing, that the Syrian regime exhausted its financial reserves very quickly make it lacks the money by April next year.

The newspaper said that the regime of President Bashar al-Assad "will face the option of giving up orthrowing himself completely at the mercy of his Iranian ally with the arrival of that moment."

She said that "the proliferation of rebel months 6 years through Syria and control corridors Alamadadadt crucial, especially the highway between the north and south which connects Damascus with Aleppo and the road between the coast and the Syrian capital, making it difficult for the Assad regime providing his forces with the basic necessities ranging from fuel."

The newspaper added that Iran "may still be able to deliver oil to the Syrian port of Tartus on the Mediterranean Sea, is that the transfer of supplies to areas where they are needed, is becoming more difficult each day, and became military bases Syrian and increasingly resemble islands besieged After the rebels took soldiers became unable to move for their lack of necessities and the risk of being attacked. "

The Daily Telegraph, The Re Assad regime was "assembling his troops in the capital Damascus and other major cities to facilitate feeding and armament, and forcing the rebels at the same time to expand the supply lines and their contact, which usually begins in Turkey and the northern border region, is that the price of this move was expensive and make the system also waive most of the Syrian countryside for his enemies, and give the rebels more opportunities to tighten the noose on it. "

She added that the Syrian ministries "are barely phones Foreign Ministry ringing without response, because its officials took deserting their posts quietly, and became front-Assad 3 options blatant and he sees its eroding before his eyes, the first safe haven probably in Russia or somewhere in Latin America, where he visited Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad recently Ecuador and Venezuela perhaps to prepare the ground for his release, but Assad insisted that he will live and die in Syria. "

The newspaper pointed out that the second option in front of President Assad is "to continue fighting in the hope of that offends his enemies accounts and heavy errors Artbekoa, and the third option is to abandon the Damascus and retreat to the traditional stronghold of the Alawite sect in western Syria."

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