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Expert: undiscovered gas in the North American continent may turn the equation

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Expert: undiscovered gas in the North American continent may turn the equation

Unread postby admin » Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:16 am

Expert: undiscovered gas in the North American continent may turn the equation

12/16/2012 12:00 am

Although reliance on Iraqi oil to meet global demand
BAGHDAD Yasser incumbent oil expert warned that the discovery of large quantities of gas in the continent of North America may turn the equation that says Iraq oil countries relying upon to meet the global demand for energy in the future but stressed The world is still oil is the major source of energy, pointing to the need for the adoption of the time element and to speed up theincrease in production to benefit from this opportunity. The annual report of the International Energy Agency, which launched last October, has warned Iraq of slowdown or delay energy projects because it will cost Iraq a lot of money, but at the same time report expected to play the oil sector an important role in Msqubl Iraq and prosperity, as well as its contribution to the security and stability markets Global Energy. And oil expert, Arif Mohammed Rafiq Aref: that the energy forum first Iraqi here in Baghdad is an important step in the process of research on the subject of the oil industry promised this event in line with the directives and policies of the government of Iraq to improve the production of energy and the development of human resources and technology transfer. Said in an interview special (morning) that this event, which was organized by the Iraqi Institute for Energy thankfully had a chance to discuss the economics of oil projects and social benefits expected from implementation, pointing to the significant challenges faced by the oil sector in Iraq. And on the question about the reality of oil in the world said Regional Director of Crescent Petroleum in Iraq Arif Mohammed Rafiq Aref said the demand for energy has been subjected to fluctuations due to the discovery of large quantities of fuel and particularly gas on the continent of North America, which led to the change in energy demand but still the world is Oil major source of energy. was the head of the International Energy Light Pearl, speaking at the launch of the report recently in Baghdad had expected to get Iraq on the lion's share of the rest of the countries producing and exporting oil in the future and connect this thing how Iraq's ability to increase production and the extent of attracting international companies that have the ability to achieve this increase did not TFT from the minds of Light to call not to neglect wealth invading Iraq. pointed Arif that Iraq is an important country and reliable on the subject of providing energy to the world, but should the executive under the new reality that interested element time because it is very important and that every drop of oil perpetuate development and must be converted oil resources to finance productive sectors in the country, especially the agricultural sector because agriculture is also known by as oil lasting and could make it the breadbasket of global contribute in bringing financial resources for the budget and liberate the Iraqi economy from dependence on oil as a source omnidirectional in funding as well as the tourism sector and the industrial sector and other and because expectations depletion list except trends in the search for alternatives for that to be speeding to benefit the most of this wealth. Turning to the reasons for disabling the country's development attributing the cause to the central high in implementation and counted without appropriate in light of evolution and variables large that hit the global economy, and stressed the need to expand the powers to companies in the implementation of plans and invest the effort devoted to implementation and confined to a follow-up and control the download circles studies, planning and follow-up the brunt by granting broad powers to be able to claim corporate plans and claims reports quarterly Aulfsalih or annual and by periodic report Agreed and then conducted accounting for aspects of exchange budget and contracts. Among the important here is to give companies the opportunity to make decisions quickly to address the imbalance and act without reference to the center, which takes time in each stage of the implementation of that, Centralization large specific to work and act and time- long Vtkon obstructive to fast delivery, and so they are impeding development, and so companies are national oil needs broad powers to act and implementation provided that control, monitoring and control, however, the center, which in turn excludes companies that lagged and so be good governance capable of achieving sustainable development. concluded oil expert at the conclusion of his speech to say that the energy forum first held here in Baghdad was a valuable opportunity to learn ways to successful management and policy-making oil to the extent provided by the Forum of experts Iraqis living in the Diaspora to transfer their expertise accumulated to serve their country Iraq, and this opportunity that were not compensated in the service of the oil sector in light of the changes global energy balance.

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