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What would happen if "died" Iraqi President Jalal Talabani?

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What would happen if "died" Iraqi President Jalal Talabani?

Unread postby admin » Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:50 am

What would happen if "died" Iraqi President Jalal Talabani?


Palm - came stroke suffered by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani to add more complexity to the political scene marked بالتأزم and frequent disagreements between the ruling powers, the latest crisis between Baghdad and the Kurdish government in the Kurdistan region on the disputed areas between Arabs and Kurds.

Although the post of president of the republic in Iraq does not exceed thelimits of ceremonial position includes some of the powers established by the Constitution of the country, brings together politicians and observers that the role of Jalal Talabani and its impact on the political scene is much greater than holds his largely ceremonial.

He is, according to those involved in political affairs, invisible force that ended much of the political crisis that gripped the country during the past years through his ability to listen and moderating his positions, and his attractive personality, as described by a political analyst.

In the case of the death of President Talabani (79 years old) or his inability to assume his duties by the stroke he suffered, says analyst and expert in political affairs Yahya Kubaisi that the country will enter a dark tunnel politically "was completely unexpected."

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