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Najafi is also in the list of those involved with terrorism after al-Issawi and Hashemi?!!

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Najafi is also in the list of those involved with terrorism after al-Issawi and Hashemi?!!

Unread postby admin » Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:58 am

Najafi is also in the list of those involved with terrorism after al-Issawi and Hashemi?!!


Palm - A source close to House Speaker Osama Najafi, fear and concern of the governor of Nineveh "Ethel Nujaifi" brother of the Speaker of Parliament, that is being targeted after Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi within what he called the formula "the terrorist responsible."

The source said the list containing the names of Msalin senior Iraqi terror suspects includes In third place after al-Hashemi and al-Issawi, Ethel Nujaifi.

He noted that there are arrangements at a very high level toexclude Nujaifi of the process at any cost, noting that many charges affect the latter in the lists can be found at the judiciary has taken the right measures, but after the case ends Issawi and protection.

This hand accused former spokesman for the convicted fugitive Tareq al-Hashemi on Sunday, Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, led by "terrorist" organization called "Hamas Iraq" While confirmed the existence of evidence presented by the U.S. side to the three presidencies on this issue, predicted arrest al-Issawi and a number of members of the Government and Parliament.

Said Abdul Ilah Kazim during a conference held at the Sheraton Basra this afternoon, that there is evidence that the Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi lead "terrorist" organization called "Hamas", long its sons of the Sunni in Anbar In Fallujah specifically adding that the Americans first gave evidence installed in this regard which CDs to the three presidencies, and the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, a prove the involvement of al-Issawi personally to this subject, not his bodyguards, stressing that the responsibility imposed on the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq and Parliament Speaker Osama Nujaifi check these things before entering into lineup seems sectarian, as is happening now where and anticipate the issuance of arrest warrants and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, a number of members of the government and parliament.

To that accused the coalition of state law, Sunday, the Iraqi List, fomenting "sectarian sedition" in the country, and is regarded as the accusations directed to eliminate the cause of protecting and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, "messages of terror" to continue targeting Iraqis, warned "Sunni component" of risk erosion behind repercussions sedition.

The UN scientists Anbar province, announced on Saturday (22 December, the current), that clan elders and notables of Anbar, rallies and mass exited the position and one at its meeting in Ramadi Declaration contains civil disobedience across the state institutions as of today and until further notice, against the backdrop of arrest protection elements and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi and protest against the "marginalization and targeting Sunni component).

He accused Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Friday (21 December 2012), some politicians fabricating crises when any action taken judicially or non-judicial, and warned against attempts to play the sectarian card to achieve political goals or personal, pointed out that the designation of state institutions as unworthy including militias occupy "a great location" in the country.

Maliki reiterated on Saturday (22 December 2012), warned of sectarian strife and its results, calling on the Iraqi tribal leaders of all the ingredients to stand against neo-sectarian advocates.

It followed a raid special security force, the first Thursday (20 December 2012), the home of Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi in central Baghdad, arresting official protection with a number of individuals protection, as confirmed Issawi that "force Mlaxiaoah" raided the headquarters of the ministry, his office and his home and acted behavior illegal and arrested 150 members of the element its own protections, calling for the release of his bodyguards.

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