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British want to distance themselves from Syria

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British want to distance themselves from Syria

Unread postby admin » Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:42 am

British want to distance themselves from Syria


Palm - reported newspaper "Independent" British, on Sunday, that public opinion Britain refuses to provide arms to the Syrian opposition.

The author said Andrew Grace, in an article titled "British public wants to move away from the Syrian crisis": while David Cameron mobilize support among EU leaders to send weapons to opponents of the Assad regime in Syria, it also faces a battle at home to convince the British publicsupport Plan.

He adds that the statistical private Balandbndnt proved that the British do not approve Britain's plan to provide military supplies to the Syrian opposition.

And statistical reports that 48 percent versus 35 percent of the respondents do not agree to provide military supplies to the opposition, even if Britain did not send any armed forces to Syria, while 18 percent answered "do not know".

The British Prime Minister said the Congress earlier this month that we consider all options now to help the opposition and provide further support for the protection of civilians.

He think that it is necessary to review the ban (imposed by the European Union arms embargo on Syria) and wonder how we can work better with Syrian opposition parties which want Syria transition to freedom and democracy while keeping the arms embargo on the Assad regime.

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