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Obama's candidacy for "Chuck Hagel" punishment for Netanyahu

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Obama's candidacy for "Chuck Hagel" punishment for Netanyahu

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Yediot: Obama's candidacy for "Chuck Hagel" punishment for Netanyahu


Palm - an Israeli newspaper reported on Tuesday that the fear prevails in the White House of trying to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu aborted or put obstacles in front of Congress to set authentication and new Defense Minister Chuck Hagel of Netanyahu's supporters in Washington.

The newspaper "Maariv": The White House feared frustrate Netanyahu by his supporters in Washington, the ratification of the appointment of Hagel in the Senate.

The newspaper quoted Israeli political official, as saying that "for us, it goes nice after the appointment Hagel .. and his appointment raises serious fears about how his thoughts on U.S. policy toward Israel."

The newspaper pointed out that the apprehension in the office of Israeli Prime Minister set Hagel stems from his opposition to attacking Iran and support for the dialogue with them and after his call for dialogue with Hamas and recognition, which is inconsistent with the official policy of the Israeli at least, since Israel conducted indirect negotiations with Hamas on a prisoner exchange, and the cease-fire during the process (column clouds) military last November.

Israel fears the possibility of change in the nature of security cooperation between the United States and Israel after Hagel took the Ministry of Defence, but the paper noted that in the meantime not expected to touch U.S. aid to Israel, which amounts to $ 3 billion annually.

Yediot quoted U.S. sources did not indicate the identity, saying that the criticism about the appointment of Hagel may affect the electoral campaign for Netanyahu and the list of "Likud, Our Home" headed with the approach of the general election on Jan. 22.

The same sources said that "Hagel is hostile for Bibi (ie Netanyahu) and anti-Likud, His appointment would become a tool in the hands of opponents of Netanyahu in the elections", but pointed out that it connects Chuck relations of friendship and respect with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

For its part, saw the newspaper "Yediot Aharonot", to set Hagel is "punishment Obama to Netanyahu" after the last intervention in the U.S. presidential elections and support for the Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

The writer mentioned in the newspaper, Sefer Blotseker, that is expected to try to Senate Republicans block the appointment of Hagel, but it is clear that Netanyahu would not be able to communicate confidentially with Obama and prevent the appointment because of the crisis in the relations between them.

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