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U.S.: American administration conducting assassination operations in other countries

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U.S.: American administration conducting assassination operations in other countries

Unread postby admin » Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:56 am

U.S.: American administration conducting assassination operations in other countries

Saturday January 12, 2013

Follow-up - and babysit -
Male anti Loire (Antiwar) Brief that the current U.S. president continue the policies of his predecessor George W. Bush in the exploitation of the executive power and tyranny of government, after the decisions and laws that occurred in this week.

Web site published an article by the author of "John Glesr" noted where important decisions signed by U.S. President Barack Obama to alloweavesdropping on communications of the American people and the arrest of did not commit crimes without trial and for an unlimited period, as well as the use of drones (unmanned) to carry out the assassination in countries other.

The writer asserted that Obama has relied on the fateful legacy of the Bush administration (Jr.) and intends to continue American injustice authoritarian after events eleventh of September / September (2001).

He Glesr: if we want to make it clear how the Obama administration's commitment to achieving the objectives of the Bush administration, what happened in the last week alone is sufficient for that. The U.S. president has taken three crucial decisions made aspirations of the government of George W. Bush to reduce civil liberties under the title of "national security", and within four days, at which time does not feel the American people safe as before.

These decisions are summarized as follows:

1 - eavesdropping on calls of the American people without a permit; Obama made this past Sunday to extend the list of reforms issued by the court overseeing the external information (FISA), under which this court can be supervised widely on the international communications of American citizens without permission. Noteworthy that this Court does not allow all access to the way they work and their activities.

Ironically, Obama when he was a member of the Senate U.S. supported this regulation, however, objected to exploit Bush to his executive authority said clauses of the Constitution contradict; but today as President of the Republic has become an advocate of this kind of exploitation of power with all his strength.

There are documents leaked by the U.S. Justice Department in September / September after pressure suffered by the civil society organizations demonstrated that federal agencies executive overseeing the contacts of the American people are increasingly day after day without lawful authority or control appropriate and without incurring any person responsible for it, being done in a covert way. The Obama administration is still reluctant to stop this program, or to narrow its scope.

2 - detention without specifying the duration and without offense and without trial; on Wednesday signed Obama on the list of the powers of national defense for 2013, a big list consisting of 680 pages and includes many notes on the issues of military and security so that no one can watched alone.

Interestingly, which is to extend the decision to prevent the transfer of Guantanamo detainees to U.S. prisons for any reason, which prevents the implementation of Obama's promises to close this prison.

The latter had previously threatened to use their veto power to overturn the regulation, but his speech was not only in air grille; said when signing them that he does so despite violating her. Obama also had certified the detention law without a particular term in 2010.

3 - murder accused by drones and without any trial; assassinations These include the Americans, too, and we can say that Obama has surpassed Bush in this resolution, as the first was not in favor of detention without long certain, but believed it must liquidate the defendants physically before that ! It may outweigh the Bush administration in attacks directed drone. The U.S. government has the right to adding a legal spin on what you all do on the pretext of "national security" without mention no reason to do it; From this standpoint, the Obama administration assassinate you like in other countries, without giving any explanation for the pretext secret programs.

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