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"Time" magazine U.S.: Washington is preparing for Iran this year?

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"Time" magazine U.S.: Washington is preparing for Iran this year?

Unread postby admin » Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:23 am

The report of the "Time" magazine U.S.: Washington is preparing for Iran this year?

Posted 22/01/2013 12:31 PM

Amman - "arenas of Liberation" by Alaa al-Ani
Cooperative relationship - complex Altsaraeih between Washington and the Iran will not last long anymore, as Washington and with Obama's second term may look packed position to define a new framework for the relationship with Iran aspiring towards a nuclear weapon during this year. U.S. Time magazine on this subject in an analytical article publishedrecently.
Time magazine U.S. pointed to adopt Cech Hagel and U.S. defense secretary genuine criticism of the line-General of the U.S. policy toward Iran is what you need and Washington urgently needed, as is likely to face Obama during first few months of 2013, a crisis with Iran, being ruled out categorically coexistence with Iran's nuclear containment according to a formula that was prevalent days of the Cold War, and this means one of two choices, either Iran's compliance with the demands of the United States or to the last resort to war with them. Has long been the first choice completely ruled out and the second does not attract Washington, it means the need to reach a negotiated solution strength of the carrot and the stick or what is commonly known coercive diplomacy to reach a deal that satisfies Washington and Tehran.

However, it cited the magazine next to the article written by thinker Robert Jervis in Foreign Policy magazine in which he referred to the futility of coercive diplomacy through experience in Panama in 1989 and Iraq 1990 and Serbia in 1998 and Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq again in 2003, where Washington has used economic sanctions The pressures and the threat to use force to carry the leaders of those countries to change their attitudes but to no avail and was on the Washington carried out its threat to wage war. Nor did find threats with North Korea useful, however, that Washington condoned the military option and chose containment system instead, and added Jervis, if administration wants to succeed this time, it has to live up Bmsaiha touts approach negotiating intelligent and brave.
Waltham also highlighted on the side From an article Jervis when he talked about the conditions for successful coercive diplomacy must involve a combination of threats and promises at the same time. Although the U.S. administration launched threats on more than one occasion against Iran, but the Israeli government's continued skepticism in the design of the United States and packaged will make those distant threats seriously, and instead on the Government of Israel expresses its support to the seriousness of the United States. Unlike President Peres, who said in an interview with The Times newspaper that he did not suspect for asylum the United States to the military option in the event did not come coercive diplomacy eat it.
Time magazine concluded her article with reference to deficiencies United States to clarify the benefits that may be obtained Iran if it agrees to a negotiated settlement for its nuclear program, for example, to lift economic sanctions or stop efforts aimed to topple the regime.

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