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U.S.: Obama accused of killing children and crimes against humanity

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U.S.: Obama accused of killing children and crimes against humanity

Unread postby admin » Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:55 am

U.S.: Obama accused of killing children and crimes against humanity

Monday January 28, 2013

Follow-up - and babysit - innocent children ages one does not exceed a few months kill raids U.S. waged aircraft mechanism is remotely controlled like a video game hundreds of miles becomes killings heinous this routine falls killed tens of civilians and innocent statement directly from President Barack Obama.
With the growing lists of victims who fall as a result of U.S. air strikes air in different regions around the world, confirmed site Global Research Canadian that air strikes by U.S. aircraft drones are war crimes orders Obama committedon a daily basis and claim the lives of dozens of innocent civilians and children as young as five years of age .

The Web site said that some lose sight of the deep wounds left by each victim behind each dead child's face stands or the whole family had been killed in the context of the agenda of the United States alleges military objectives are limited to the fight against terrorism.

He added that this aircraft very accurate and works on the run has the ability to see targets on a computer screen before hit raises serious questions about the cause of the fall of a large number of children who are victims of these attacks.

The site that the perpetrators of the attacks using unmanned aircraft point to the homes of families that are targeted as a structure or building and overlook the fact that their operations that kill innocent children, some only months old and others between the ages of five years.

The site confirmed that the deliberate murders classified as crimes against humanity under international law and ordering those processes and allows raids using unmanned aircraft, including Obama are war criminals and should be directed to them the charges and are being tried.

Despite the high death toll from U.S. air strikes and the growing international criticism of her only that the U.S. administration does not recognize nor documenting the number of civilian victims who die in these attacks, which are estimated in the thousands.

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