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Syrian satellite news: Syria will guide military earth-shattering blow to Israel very soon

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Syrian satellite news: Syria will guide military earth-shattering blow to Israel very soon

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Syrian satellite news: Syria will guide military earth-shattering blow to Israel very soon

Published 03/02/2013 08:12 AM

Babinaoz - Agencies: Mohammed said Dirar Jammu head of the political and international relations at the World Organization of Arab expatriates on screen satellite news Syrian pro-regime "that the response of the Syrian military on the Israeli bombing of the research center in Damascus will Mzelzla and detonators to Israel very soon."

Jammo added: "The Syrian army will direct himself to strike Israel and will notbe a strike by Hezbollah or Iran has ended the era of Syrian silence on Israel's bombing of Syria sites even if it led to the outbreak of war in the region."

The Syrian state television showed footage of what it said "the consequences of the Israeli aggression" on a military operation in Research town Jermaya near Damascus, referring to the raid by Israeli warplanes at dawn Wednesday.
The first images showed a building broken glass windows, but its architecture core remains intact, the camera moves later and show burnt-out cars and trucks and devastating in what appeared to be an open yard or garage close to the main building.

Some footage focused on a white truck, crashed and faced the entire front, and it seemed a big hole at the top of the first place, what may indicate that it received a direct hit.

And show the footage, which lasted about two minutes, a number of small white buses color, has shattered their windows, a bit far for trucks and cars hardest hit.

As well as footage showed part of what appears to have offices inside the building, which was filmed beginning. And look furniture and office equipment in a proper office and pieces of broken glass.

It seems more mass in a second office, in addition to the extensive damage in what appears to be the lobby.

Footage showed recent mechanisms and large trucks are totally destroyed in another part of the outer courtyard of the building, which appear on the walls of this side, the effects of a fire.

He did not refer to television images, but picked up during the day on a clear atmosphere.

The General Command of the Army and the Syrian armed forces announced on Wednesday night that fighter jets Israeli warplane targeted military center for scientific research in the area Jermaya in Damascus, located close to the border with Lebanon, in an Israeli attack is the first since the conflict began Syrian by more than 22 months.

On the other hand, a former senior official admitted the security apparatus for the first time Israeli attack launched by the Israeli Air Force on targets in Syria.

The newspaper quoted (Times of Israel) Saturday for the national security adviser, former Israeli (between 2004-2006) / Maj. Gen. shops for retirement Giora Eiland / as saying that Israel carried out this attack, "for good reasons."

Eiland praised in his speech in Kafr Saba Saturday the Israeli government, stressing that the air attack "was the right decision, despite the risks."

The Israeli government is committed to officially silent about the reports of the Israeli attack on military research center near the Syrian capital of Damascus, and the convoy to bring air defense missiles to Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

But media reports that U.S. officials stressed that Israel told them about the air attacks on Wednesday night on Syria.

Island said Israel want to prevent Hezbollah from getting long-range missiles and with greater explosive power, or which air defense missiles do well, or chemical weapons from Syria.

Until now there was "silent agreement" between Israel and Syria not to reach such weapons into the hands of Hezbollah guerrillas.

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