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Sentry after international nuclear test North Korea

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Sentry after international nuclear test North Korea

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Sentry after international nuclear test North Korea


Palm - declared the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting to discuss the developments in the Korean peninsula following reports from Pyongyang conducted a nuclear test by blowing.

U.S. officials said that Washington was still trying to get more information and that the Security Council will discuss the situation in the Korean peninsula.

Recorded geological monitoring centers in several countries, including the United States, for large ground movements, before accusingthe Ministry of Defence in the South Korean authorities in the northern part to conduct a nuclear test.

Said Kim Min-suk, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense in South Korea: "We believe that Pyongyang carried out nuclear test third .. I have been monitoring earthquake measuring five degrees on the Richter scale, and we reached the conclusion indicates that did not result from an accident naturally."

He Sorc saying that the bomb, which is likely to be North Korea has triggered strength ranging between 6 and 7 kilotons of explosives, he said, adding if the ultimate conclusion that what happened is already nuclear, we will have to consult with the international community and respond strongly. "

North Korea has confirmed a month ago their intention to implement a nuclear test new within "a new phase of confrontation with America," is that the timing of the bombing came at a time Interestingly, it coincides with holidays in the region due to start the Lunar New Year, as it precedes the birthday anniversary former North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, and the current president's father, Kim Jong-un.

It is believed that North Korea conducted a nuclear test first in October 2006, and detonated a bomb did not go beyond their destructive one kiloton, also conducted a test in second in May 2009, a 2 kilotons, note that the bomb used by the United States against the city Hiroshemia Japanese in 1945 was strongly 15 kilotons .

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