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U.S. documents: Saddam Hussein wanted the "wealth" of Kuwait to finance nuclear weapons?!!

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U.S. documents: Saddam Hussein wanted the "wealth" of Kuwait to finance nuclear weapons?!!

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U.S. documents: Saddam Hussein wanted the "wealth" of Kuwait to finance nuclear weapons?!!


Palm - revealed confidential documents military Pentagon, the former Iraqi president "Saddam Hussein" sought in invasion of Kuwait to acquire wealth to finance and acquire nuclear weapons. said documents seen by many media sources, Iraqi Saddam Hussein had wanted to use the wealth of Kuwait to speed the acquisition of nuclear weapons and chemical and biological weapons, to expand and improve the stock of ballistic missiles, indicating that it was probably after occupation of Kuwait moving to Saudi Arabia. showed documents and U.S. Department of Defense said that"America's allies were not reluctant to go to war only when questioned U.S. commitment and I talked about that delay if long-bit will remain little hope for the liberation of Kuwait, and that the delay in the process of liberation of Kuwait was accelerate to a clash between Iraq and Israel. explained documents that his victory coalition during the liberation of Kuwait in 1991 benefited from the United States by obtaining a strong position at the level of leadership and influence in world to coincide with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and drew documents that the United States had foiled plans to Saddam Hussein was preparing them to fight a nuclear war with Saudi Arabia or Iran or Israel or others who may oppose it. added documents, the defense ministry weapons program of Saddam's nuclear indicates certainty that he was preparing for aggression against wider and weapons even scarier. fought the former regime wars at the end of the last century the first was with the state of Iran, the first Gulf War and lasted eight years, which was called the designation "Saddam's Qadissiya", followed by the second Gulf War waged by the United States and its allies after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and nicknamed the former regime "mother of all battles" were his last war is the third Gulf War "senses" and that led to his downfall in 2003 and the U.S. entry into the United States Iraq as liberators.
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