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News of the death of Bashar al-Assad shot dead by his bodyguard Iranian?

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News of the death of Bashar al-Assad shot dead by his bodyguard Iranian?

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News of the death of Bashar al-Assad shot dead by his bodyguard Iranian?

Published 26/03/2013 02:01 AM

Babinaoz - agencies: the news suddenly, reported the blog "Rotter" Israeli intelligence Sunday that officers Iranian named Mehdi al-Yacoubi, a bodyguard of President Bashar al-Assad, shot a lion dawn Sunday, to convey the Syrian president then quickly to the hospital Shami, the subject for first necessary.

The site also confirmed injury, a senior military official in the same incident, without Syrian regime sources confirm the news or deny.
The Blog Israeli The news of the death Assad maymake sure media sources Russian, said that the shooting on the lion was from close range, and he died in hospital Shami in Damascus because of heart failure caused by a loss of Assad large amounts of blood while being transported to the hospital.
As the news spread, reverberated and electronic media speculation, which was not in a position a confirmed or denied, especially with the Syrian state television stopped broadcasting, response to the intention of complete blackout on the issue.
Was noticeable relay some news sites a picture of its note at the expense of channel minimum Syrian pro-regime, affirm the lion: "Urgent: injury of President Bashar al-Assad shot and taken to a hospital Shami after shot one his companions, who were bought by the traitors."
The newspaper quoted the New York Daily News, U.S. News also confirmed the death of al-Assad at the hands of one of his bodyguards Iranians.

Banished from Russia

However, Russia Today news agency quoted sources close to the Syrian government confirmed that the news completely untrue, and that Assad has full strength, and exercise presidential usual activity, taking command in the promotion box rumors no more.
He added: "This news is absolutely not true, and this is not the first time that the launch of such rumors, and it was better stations Arab she broke the news about Israeli position accuracy and the search for authenticity, and not guard personally Iranian in a footnote President Assad" .
Add to this exile, an official at the Syrian embassy in Moscow that no truth to the news that circulated about killing al-Assad, in an interview with RIA Novosti Russian.
The official said he would convey this information directly from the Syrian ambassador in Russia, and Assad is in Syria, and the news of his death completely fabricated.

Difficulty making sure

Magazine quoted Le Point French sources in the Free Syrian Army denied the incident, but the Israeli media and Lebanese continued in his assertion, according to the website of Le Point website, especially in light of the security deployment intense forces of the Syrian army in the neighborhoods of Damascus, and around the hospital, which claims rumors and a lion inside.
The Web site: "Some believe that the lion had been killed, and confirms others that between life and death, and no doubt that the civil war in Syria will not facilitate confirm the report or deny Such news represents a turning point in the conflict which has left so far over 70 thousand people dead in two years. "
French analysts say that this is no longer ruling out now, especially of the current Syrian regime of continuous collapses, and loss of control of the strategically important areas in the parties as in the capital, Damascus.
European observers also noted that the announcement of the news may take days, pending Syrian regime rearranges internal papers, before confirming the assassination or even injury.
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