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U.S. sends nuclear bomber to South Korea

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U.S. sends nuclear bomber to South Korea

Unread postby admin » Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:52 am

U.S. sends nuclear bomber to South Korea


Palm - official sources announced that the United States conducted Thursday morning the first train ever to launcher B-2 jet - with capabilities nuclear - over the Korean Peninsula, in what is a strong warning new North Korea threatening war proactive against America and South Korea.

The news agency quoted the South Korean Yonhap for Joint Forces Command said in a statement: The USSTRATCOM sent from Air Force Base in Missouri to South Korea Qazfti Spirit B-2 to make the task of training a long time, in order to show the U.S. defense of South Korea and to provide a deterrent force to allies in the Asia Pacific region. training, she said, was in the framework of joint exercises between the U.S. and South Korea, which began on the first of March and will continue until April 30 next to test the combat readiness of the two allies.

The leadership that the task Alqazftin focused on throwing munitions and return to base in sorties continuous one, noting that the United States steadfast in its commitment to defend South Korea, and deter attacks and to ensure peace and stability in the region. concluded clarification that these bombers are an important element in deterrence capabilities American hardwood in the Asia Pacific region.

South Korea and the United States signed last Sunday on a joint plan respond to North Korean provocations, including details on how to cooperate to respond to provocations by the North.
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