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The dinar. Unmounted. Descending

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The dinar. Unmounted. Descending

Unread postby Stillw8n » Fri Jul 19, 2013 11:42 am

The dinar. Unmounted. Descending

Zia Rahim Mohsen

For we see Iraqi dinar exchange rate, it regresses to maintain stable exchange rate somewhat, which comes with a big question, what is the reason for the decline of the value of the dinar? Is that the reason for this is due to the poor economic policies pursued by the Central Bank? Or are there other reasons?!

Far and wide know the composition of the Iraqi economy, rentier economy is working on two contradictory; the first axis: the State’s economy is dominated by over 80% of GDP, or so-called national income; in addition to his direct responsibility to provide 99% of the cash inflows of foreign exchange, and its direct link to the critical edition of the Central Bank of the movement. Theme II: the market economy that has the greatest efficiency in the management of the results of the State’s economy, which is reflected in the budget in the Government expenditures, which represent 60% of all government spending. And yo’sharh from private to this market by outflows from the country’s foreign exchange market and the desire to acquire foreign currency, accrued from Central Bank reserves, which represent a cover for those rights.

When the free market is dominated by the workings of the economy, and freedom in external conversion process in addition to using an open-door policy in foreign trade to the private sector, and with the absence of vision and development strategy for the development and advancement of economic reality, the economy turns into severe bilateral rent in foreign currency supply to foreign trade and import trade financing consumer character, which makes Iraq an incubator for consumption and export to other countries.

The CBI’s work on keeping the stick of Center of balance between two contradictions: the economy of the State and the economy, and keep up with the rental market, which serves the marketing activity internal and outward movement of funds regardless of the results to build an economic model generates movement and outside the inflows in foreign currency away from these bilateral or highly polarized between different economies (the economy of the State and the market economy), and the inflows of foreign currency provided by the State economy, and other emerging from foreign currency gasping behind the private sector.

Over all, what was the reaction of the monetary authority of the Iraqi Central Bank? The CBI have exercised a policy of intervention in the foreign exchange market, reaching a stable level of the exchange rate “and is noted by citizens throughout the period Mr. Alshabibi Governor of the Central Bank so that the Monetary Authority has been able to maintain a stable price level, inflation dropped from secondary ten-year levels to one decimal place, add to that the rising Central Bank reserves of foreign exchange to a distant alasharitIn terms of dollar value “and is the highest in the history of the country” and with this, the Central Bank could not resolve the battle between market economy and the profit, between the State economy and predisposition to uniqueness in an attempt to find profit; a lack of vision for the movement of Iraqi economic system. Making the Iraqi economy lost trying to find viable solutions, resulting in the deterioration in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, the trend towards economic freedom, and foreign currency swap rights maintained in dinar for the purpose of achieving economic stability, imposing a burden on monetary policy for the Central Bank to intervene to sell the dollar in a bid to maintain the stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies Foreign, which needs a bold decision shows the outlines of the economy; either move to an open-door policy with all consequences resulting from attrition in oil revenues to ensure well-being and stability “with the apparent absence of development policy in the rest of the productive sectors” to be decided by the political leadership in the country and to the Central Bank because of incomplete economic system around the country after manyTalk about the transfer of $ 180 billion between 2003 and 2012, generated by the economy of the State after spending for the same period by the General almwazant $ 450 billion dollars, which remained absent development economy for lack of an attractive investment climate and the unresolved economic vision to this contradiction, and launches a free market mechanisms as emerging economic powers interested after 2003, the results of the economic stability of the country will continue to be vague and will coexist with parallel exchange market turmoil to unknown long-term consequences and possibly disastrous In price stability and the standard of living and a painful daily concerns in the economic life of Iraqi families and the general economic activity.
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