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The dollar is dying

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The dollar is dying

Unread postby admin » Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:25 am

The dollar is dying

23/07/2013 12:00 AM

Iraqi dinar and USDYasser incumbent
expectations of a number of experts, finance and economy collapse of the dollar is not at the global level because he is still master of the currencies in most countries of the world but مايهمنا at the level of the exchange rate in Iraqi dinars, we hope for the return of Iraqi dinar exchange rate against 3.3 dollars as it was, but this dream difficult to achieve and reach It is not possible to achieve in light of global variables but achievable to get into a price equal any one dollar against the dinar.
dream second can be achieved gradually, if we have a good deal this spirit of cooperation between the central bank and private banks, while led this cooperation to control the volatility that has plagued Sarsrv dollar these days.
Frouhah joint action and application instructions and procedures aimed at the central bank by private banks contributed to this done and required perpetuate this deal with crises and work in a spirit of team work one to achieve the common goal Alaoho achieve stability in the exchange rate in order to Aaneks on the performance of the Iraqi market trends in inflationary For اتحمد consequences.
response informed by private banks and support for the crackdown of the central bank contributed to the reduction of the dollar exchange rate against the dinar and return to prices prevailing before the crisis, the central and its repercussions were measures to reduce prices by banks to less than planned contribution to stop the fluctuation in the exchange rate and continued measures reduction at the expense of profits of banks that the price reached to 1180 dinars last Saturday but emerged this time is a healthy phenomenon by banks are competing in the reduction where informed Gulf Bank hour to prepare this column yesterday cut a new rate of tiger one so sold since this day by 1179 dinars.
thus permission requires dealing with this vital and important, and administration was the old central bank is trying to deliver Sarabv during the current year to 1,000 dinars, but the circumstances that engulfed بالمركزي prevented achieved, we see the possibility that the new administration to achieve the target if the pace of handling and dealing with banks for this style Upscale by the central bank.
and there are indications require access to this price, which is not the last but followed by a reduction of new progressive as I said until we achieve equal Aotsawi the real value of the Iraqi dinar due to يتسيد other currencies and the qualifications of the Iraqi economy and its potential is considerable and help to reach the exchange rate against JD dollars in phases expected to experts determined three years, subject to increase and decrease, respectively on the circumstances.
that expectations about the possibility of the return of the power of the Iraqi dinar but brings hope to achieve this dream, but what can we explain the exchange rate so in a country wealth humbling, these expectations were built on perceptions of experts from the exit Iraq and the salvation of the provisions of Chapter VII but ستؤول to achieve reform and economic stability and to achieve the goals, all in the forefront of the return of Iraqi dinar to its real power and this vision and perceptions must be accompanied by better performance and denial of departments efficient.
believe that the stability of exchange rates one of the most important means of achieving economic stability and Central Bank and the banks responsibility for achieving the goal of price stability and the return of the real value of the Iraqi dinar to the dollar collapses fact in front of our national currency.
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