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High central bank sales in the auction today 19/08/2013

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High central bank sales in the auction today 19/08/2013

Unread postby admin » Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:38 am

High central bank sales in the auction today 19/08/2013

Monday, August 19 / August 2013 14:10

[Baghdad - where]

Central Bank announced on Monday its sales rise of the dollar in the daily public auction to about $ 256 million after being hit on Sunday, 184 million and 346 thousand dollars.

According to a statement of the bank has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "size of the amount sold by the bank at the auction of the dollar on Monday reached [256] million and [783] thousand dollars at the exchange rate [1166] dinars to the dollar contribution [20] banks. "

He pointed out that "the quantity sold in cash amounted to [87] million and [400] thousand dollars and the quantity sold remittances amounted to [169] million and [383] thousand dollars," adding that "the central bank receive a commission of [13] dinars per dollar, with a discount [8] dinars for each dollar amounts purchased any of the cash purchase price of the dollar = $ sales price for cash - 8]. "

The statement added that "the price of cash sales and transfers [1179] dinars to the dollar, including the commission of the Central Bank in the amount of 13 dinars per dollar, while the total cash purchase price of $ [1171] dinars to the dollar."

He explained that "the Iraqi Central Bank continues to buy and sell the dollar and the price of [1166] dinars and receive the same commission mentioned above." Is over.
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