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Citizens raise complaints over damaged and torn IQD; A need for new currency

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Citizens raise complaints over damaged and torn IQD; A need for new currency

Unread postby Stillw8n » Sat Aug 31, 2013 10:41 am

Citizens raise complaints over damaged and torn IQD; A need for new currency

Only in Iraq .. Paper currency does not respect once torn

JD / Abbas Al traveler / .. Did not believe the Iraqis that they got rid of the problem “coins counterfeit” and that has spread dramatically days of the dictatorial regime and lost causing some citizens big money, even caught in the problem of not less affair about, namely money, “damaged and torn” and traded in large quantities in local markets now.

faces of Iraqi citizens every day the currency issue damaged in addition to his struggle with life crisis “paper money damaged,” which have to take them forced no free will of the bank through salaries, or by dealing in the market buying and selling, but in return refrain some shop owners or motorists handled.

, some citizens resent this issue of them consider themselves the only loser in, where the state collects from the merchants, and return it to us by salaries, not located where only staff young.
says, “Abbas al-Musawi, 33,” I was a contractor with one of the state’s departments in Baghdad as daily wages, and my monthly salary does not exceed 300 thousand dinars, up to a maximum, received half or most of it denominations small cash “500 and 250 dinars, and most of them that I did not say all in a deplorable condition, while the official salaries by giving some of his friends and acquaintances as well as senior officials from categories big “10,000 and 25,000 thousand dinars, forced forced to pick it up, then I trip trouble with vendors and drivers kyat sometimes up to melee with them, and I have a friend shopkeeper to sell food is the commutation of some buying and interconnected the other, and so the situation in each month, or about through a friend of mine works his father’s staff in one of the government hospitals where he needs to these categories small cash cards in the hospital, “bus”, but therefore I feel that these currencies will return to inevitably Valmugod them billions of dinars.

says citizen Abou El Hassan: The local currency of the country is national sovereignty and the country code, such as science, such as the national anthem, which can not be manipulated by Hao underestimated by the sons of the same country, because the question of sovereignty, and that’s going on, now is a lack of respect for the national currency and underestimated Contrary to all countries in the world through traceable to ordinary citizens who were involved in the acquisition by dealing daily, or through destroyed in ways unintended

He adds, “Abu Hassan” Some citizens also contribute to damage the currency by putting them in places not intended or lack of attention to keep them properly.

, and by some employees of government banks to replace Currency damaged with new ones while taking financial benefit to both the amount of people, specialists purchased currency torn from the citizen, and at very low prices, and therefore the money back to the citizens one way or another, has been filling stations in Iraq receives Currency damaged and torn by years, but now فيرفض “Buzrgi” Dealing with the pretext that the state no longer receive these categories damaged the owners of the stations when paying wages to them, as well as refrain Gabi “interest” to receive damaged Aoualemmzk of money.

possibly effective solutions useful as it deems economists in Iraq to the problem of “currency damaged and torn” is issuing currency in cash to groups of small many use, to keep them from damage and other factors, as well as see some people this is the best solution to the problem of corruption Banknotes and torn.

, forcing a number of government departments, employees receive their monthly salaries categories of cash very small up to the category of “250 dinars” and certainly that these currencies Small exist between them damaged and torn because of the large Tdoualh in the market reverse groups large.
and because of monetary policy lagging in Iraq, the state project in the deletion of zeros from the national currency or issuance of the coin Majlan for unknown reasons.

confirms senior officials in the Ministry of Finance that the issue of receipt of the damaged currency and replace it with a new process is vested in the Central Bank is solely responsible for this thing, and it must follow the plans set in love with those currencies of the market without causing any impact of it.
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