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Iraq's Maliki accuses of seeking to dominate central bank..

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Iraq's Maliki accuses of seeking to dominate central bank..

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Iraq's Maliki accuses of seeking to dominate the central bank to help Syria and Iran
16/04/2012 20:45

Erbil, April 16 / April (Rn) - accused the Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi on Monday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of trying to control the Central Bank of Iraq to support the economy of Syria and Iran, which face economic sanctions from the West. Iran faces a package of economic sanctions against the backdrop of its nuclear controversy while punished several countries Syria because of the suppression of the population claimants to drop the system. spokeswoman said the Iraqi List, Maysoon al that..."the coalition in Iraq is following with great concern the escalation of attempts by the Prime Minister to control the central bank, which is of independent bodies associated with the House of Representatives and the fortress Constitution and the law of any government interference. " she said in a statement received by the Kurdish news agency (Rn) a copy of it, "is increasingly clear that the attempts at domination, the central bank intended are Khtiran, namely the acquisition of the cover of the Iraqi currency of reserves the central bank, and control the issuance of currency to finance wasteful government on the one hand and support the economies of two adjacent subjected to the economic blockade on the other hand, "in reference to Syria and Iran. She says that "this approach reminds us of the fact that the former regime during the siege Ptbazir central bank reserves and currency printing at the hands of buried Hussein Kamel, destroying the economy and dashed savings of citizens and spent on the monetary value of the rights of retirees. " said Damluji, "All this is done and the Iraqi currency is under great pressure from neighboring countries by the collapse of their currencies at home and trying to export its financial problems of cash to Iraq." The Central Bank of Iraq has acknowledged Saturday that the decline of the local currency came because it covers the needs of Syria and Iran of hard currency. The deputy governor said the appearance of Mohammed's (Rn) that "the problem of declining Iraqi dinar against the dollar back to the reason that Iraq covers the needs of Syria and Iran of hard currency." The critics who are deputies in the coalition in Iraq may warned of the continued smuggling of hard currency to Syria and Iran and said that it would weaken the value of Iraqi dinar. and the imposition of the Iraqi Central Bank a number of measures recently to curb demand for the dollar, after rising significantly in Mzhadath daily with Iqbal local traders to buy dollars to sell to Iran and Syria. and is now a requirement in Traders participating in the auction currency, to be members of the Iraqi chambers of commerce, which means that they have to record the activity of work formally and obtain a license from the Ministry of Commerce. said Damluji "will not come to defend the value of Iraqi dinar, but Bank of Central discreet and independent, capable of protecting the cover of currency and controlled entirely on the issue of currency and printed according to strict standards committed by the central bank so far. " and urged the Iraqi statement of political leaders, civil society and all people to "stand up against this attack suspicious motives foreign to maintain the independence of the central bank, and to support the management of a professional in the defense of value of the dinar of a repeat of the tragedy of nineties of the last century and which still citizens are paying for it. " and warned Iraq of "the continued targeting of bodies and commissions independent, particularly the Independent Higher Commission for Elections and the Integrity Commission and the Central Bank, which is intended to subject them partisan and politically for the benefit of a specific destination." she said in statement "in spite of the release of Faraj al-Haidari and Karim al-Tamimi, who was welcomed by the coalition in Iraq, but that the danger still exists because of the dozens of lawsuits spiteful against them and against others in the Commission, which raises serious concerns about the override election event is coming, and jumping on the national will and the Libyan" .According to a statement of Iraq, "the targeting of the Electoral Commission for elections coincided with a number of pressures that led to the resignation of Judge Rahim Chairman of the Integrity Commission and the continued targeting of the independence of the Central Bank Governor Dr Sinan Shabibi."said the Iraqi statement was "of the positions and statements of responsible political leadership, especially regional president Massoud Barzani and Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr and other effective impact in addressing the attack on the independent bodies. "and called for "continued pressure to defend the independence of the Electoral Commission for elections and independent bodies other, in order to build an Iraqi democratic civilian preserves the rights and aspirations of the citizens." Open: Abdullah Sabri
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