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The Supreme Council strongly criticizes political lying, buying votes and rampant corruption

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The Supreme Council strongly criticizes political lying, buying votes and rampant corruption

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The Supreme Council strongly criticizes political lying, buying votes and rampant corruption

2018/10/12 12:41

The Supreme Council strongly criticizes political lying buying votes and rampant corruption

(Karbala holy: Euphrates News) The Supreme Religious Council, strongly criticized what she described as "political lies and the purchase of votes with money and the spread of corruption."
The representative of the supreme authority in Karbala, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai in the Fridaysermon delivered from inside the dish Husseini Sharif, "The human needs of the community and coexistence with others to be able to perform his job in life and the emergence of political relations, economic and intellectual These relations if not organized on the basis of ethics It will not be achieved. "
"Without the cooperation of some with the other, conflicts, hostility and conflicts will stifle and transform human life into misery and misery," he said.
He pointed out that "we live in an era of misinformation, lying and deceit, and the most dangerous lies are the media and the political spread of fraud and fraud and exploitation and lack of honesty and abuse of death and displacement between the tribes for trivial reasons and buying votes with money and prevail in the layer of our youth and young women cases of mixing deviant and celebrations can be public and some unacceptable practices Morally and publicly. "
Sheikh Al-Karbalai pointed to "the absence of virtue and the prohibition of vice, but turned to be true and falsehood right and when we do not find an active and quick action to address these risks, the spread of these things foreshadow moral death."
"We see today our country is plagued by the waves of financial and administrative corruption and mismanagement and show the phenomena of moral corruption due to abuse of social networking sites, which leads to spread these things and do not find the citizen often but pay the money to accomplish its affairs and transactions in the state departments."
He also criticized the representative of the Supreme Reference, "the process of education is the problem in our schools and universities, which are not accompanied by the process of interest in the process of education and ethics," noting that "care of academic sciences, although they are required and important in the progress of society, but the imbalance does not coincide with this interest in the educational process.
"If every people wants to develop and be humane, there must be a parallel in the academic process of specialization and ethics and attention to both," Sheikh Karbalai said.
He concluded his speech by saying that "these serious issues, which we have indicated in advance of the reasons that may lead to the moral collapse and the values ​​of society, call for a social action first, government and media, broad and effective and mobilizing all the energies and potentials to preserve the values ​​of Iraqi society and the original maintenance of ethical deviations that warn of serious consequences current and future ".is over
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