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UN Security Council unanimously decided to remove Iraq from Chapter VII!!

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UN Security Council unanimously decided to remove Iraq from Chapter VII!!

Unread postby admin » Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:19 am

UN Security Council unanimously decided to remove Iraq from Chapter VII!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013 18:41

Baghdad / Baghdadi news / .. Security Council decided, on Thursday, voted unanimously to remove Iraq from Chapter provisions of Chapter VII.
And witnessed the proceedings of the Security Council session for a vote on the fateful decision your remove Iraq from Chapter VII word Minister Alaforeigh Iraqi Hochea Zebari which pursued / Baghdadi News /, "and the session included voting members of the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution to remove Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII and transferred to Section VI and by which it will enjoy full sovereignty. "
The resolution included an end to the measures provided for in some paragraphs of UN resolutions 686 and 687 adopted by the Council in 1991 after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, "and calls" The decision the Government of Iraq to fulfill its obligations. "
And Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said during the speech during the meeting, that "Iraq is significant strides in the framework fulfill its obligations towards the UN Security Council decisions," explaining that "all Iraqi political parties agree not to return to the sectarian fighting."
He added that "the Iraqis are looking forward today to help the international community to achieve what poured him of the objectives of" n expressing "appreciation Iraq to the position of the UN Security Council to take him back to the international community," noting that "Baghdad has fulfilled all its obligations and is committed to paying compensation remaining."
The Security Council resolution 678 of 1990 which was based on Chapter VII, provides for the use of armed force to eject Iraq from Kuwait, and deduct a percentage of their money in compensation to Kuwait and the companies and countries that have been damaged, and other conditions.
The economic blockade was imposed on Iraq then referred to is based on a UN resolution known as the "oil for food and medicine."
Iraq and lived several years of severe deprivation and destitution. These decisions have caused to cut off a number of countries diplomatic relations with Iraq and scalable connections with the outside world in various fields and resulted in heavy losses in several sectors.
May continue to do so after the entry of U.S. forces in Iraq in 2003 and was succeeded in the past years of deteriorating security and successive crises threatened national and sectarian diversity of the population of Mesopotamia.
Observers believe that removing Iraq from Chapter VII will contribute to improved and developed both internally and externally, and سيعيده to its Arab and regional levels, while others argue that it will put this country in front of new challenges. Finished / 21
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