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Maliki congratulates Iraqis and the security thanks to get out of the seventh

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Maliki congratulates Iraqis and the security thanks to get out of the seventh

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Maliki congratulates Iraqis and the security thanks to get out of the seventh: We will fight terrorism jihad Alakp the

Posted 27/06/2013 04:25 PM

Babinaoz - Agencies :
Congratulated the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, the Iraqis after the UN Security Council voted to remove Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII, and he thanked the Security Council, but said the country still faces "terrorism" has to be an international award for the defeat. The Security Council put Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait the summer of 1990 under Chapter VII, which resulted in the potential restriction Iraq's political, military and scientific and development in addition to the payment of compensation for their losses from the invasion and re-demarcation of the border.

Maliki said in a speech of congratulation to the Iraqis that what has been achieved today, "he removed the last obstacle to Iraq to exercise its role as external."

But al-Maliki noted that Iraq out was not easy, he said that there was "hard work and long and can be half, we say that we emerged from the lesser jihad to the greater jihad," referring to Iraq's efforts in the fight against al Qaeda-linked organizations and the rebels.

He called unstable countries - Turning to Syria implicitly - to the need to pursue a political solution, saying that "time trials suffered by our people and pursued by the former regime established our conviction that the political solution the best solutions" to any disagreements or disputes.

He assured al-Maliki neighboring countries, especially Kuwait by saying "reassure everyone that Iraq can not be involved again in the policy, which was followed by the regime of former President Saddam Hussein." We appeal to all the Arab states that Aer s looking forward to relations based on common interests and non-interference in the internal affairs of countries, and this is the way to spreading prosperity in the world. "

He noted that the "state of sectarian polarization, can not be out of escalation and end the state of citizenship, for the benefit of communities and components," noting that "it will put us in a state of instability, and will not survive one of their devastating effects, but I still think that the time is not too late."

He thanked al-Maliki, the UN Security Council, saying "Our thanks go to Ban Ki-moon, who recommended sanctions, and thanks for the permanent members, and helped Iraq to get rid of Chapter VII." Maliki urged the international community to help his country in the "fight against terrorism, extremism and tyranny and robbed peoples freedoms," he said, "will not be based in Iraq and a conduit for terrorism"
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