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ISCI bless the people of Iraq exit from Chapter VII

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ISCI bless the people of Iraq exit from Chapter VII

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ISCI bless the people of Iraq exit from Chapter VII

Thursday, 27 June / June 2013 19:20 | | |

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Park ISCI Iraqi people exit from Chapter VII, describing the day as "historic day which restores the true face of Iraq and its official".

The spokesman said the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, Sheikh Humaid Maaleh in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {} today that "Iraq has fulfilled its obligations imposed on it exclusively," and urged the government official and specifically that Iraq's reservation rights, especially his money. "

And the price of Sheikh Maaleh all efforts benevolent and kind that have been made in this direction from the efforts of the late Aziz {Abdul Aziz al-Hakim} and to last a negotiated Iraqi negotiated in this arena is difficult, thanking "the government and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari and world powers that have stood by our side in this matter, especially countries permanent members of the UN Security Council and the United Nations. "

He added that "This day is a day Trichaa in the lives of the Iraqi people," noting that "Iraq today occupies his official who lets him play a positive role in the surrounding Arab and regional levels, a day represents an update of the sovereignty and the end of the era in which restricted Iraq and handcuffed his movement because of the policies Aladowneh of the regime of Saddam" .

And between Sheikh Maaleh that Iraq and its people endure all this wickedness and sins from behind the aggressive confrontational, which exceeded the brothers and brothers, and we hope to be called Iraq, his good in bringing security and stability which stems from their land in order to be helpful to its neighbors and the global ocean. "

The Security Council voted unanimously Thursday to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

And so ended the international trusteeship on Iraq, which had been imposed during the dictatorial era of the dictatorial regime, especially after the invasion of Kuwait.

He said Iraq speech at the UN Security Council meeting on the tongue and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that "the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution out of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII, it means fulfilled all its obligations under this section."

Zebari said that "we consider he باعتمادكم to this resolution, Iraq has met all obligations Almertpth it under Chapter VII."

He said, "This day will be a history of a landmark in the relationship between Iraq and the international community and indicates that the decisions of Chapter VII became part of the past and that this history will be kind of development in the relationship between Iraq and Kuwait and all the cons of the relationship between them has become one of the past because we will focus on the present and the future of our relationship with it. " ended 2
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