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Iraq is today capable of carrying out his duties after leaving the National Chapter VII

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Iraq is today capable of carrying out his duties after leaving the National Chapter VII

Unread postby admin » Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:55 am

United: We demonstrate that Iraq is today capable of carrying out his duties after leaving the National Chapter VII

Friday, June 28, 2013 15:43

[Baghdad where]

Confirmed list are united, led by House Speaker Osama Najafi, the need to demonstrate political leaders and the people that Iraq is today capable of carrying out his duties after leaving the National Chapter VII and that the fruits of this resolution Saktefha the Iraqi people by passing the political crises.

The UN Security Council voted yesterday evening to ratify the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII.

According to the list, according to a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "progressing list united sincere congratulations coupled with the pride of the Iraqi people holy to restore Iraq's full sovereignty through the historic decision taken by the Security Council directed from Chapter VII, and an end to the era of the tragic long عانيناها all of harsh international sanctions imposed on us as a result of reckless policies and unilateral decisions that have made Iraq a threat to international peace and security. "

He continued, "We are in a time filled with the joy of our hearts, we must take into account that there is a responsibility of a major political fall on all of us as politicians and community leaders and citizens is to demonstrate that Iraq is capable today to carry out his duties national best face and that he is serious about establishing national reconciliation as was serious in achieving reconciliation with the international community, and that the fruits of this decision Saktefha the Iraqi people by bypassing the crises of political and achieving security and prosperity and development, and that we are able to remove all what can that disturbs civil peace, as we proved that we are able to contribute to the consolidation of international security. "

He pointed out that "Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII, without a doubt, does not mean the degradation of international obligations and release the hands of power without controls, Iraq, as any country in the world is governed by international laws to be observed, and the constitution must be respected, and the laws supposed to be taken into account, and before that the fundamentals of national represents the supreme interests and that can not be explained by any Party at whim or unique in its report and but disciplined political partnership of community and balance saves all his rights, and with full respect for political and civil liberties. "

He concluded by saying "We renew our congratulations to the Iraqi people Karim this decision which McCann him can only be done as a result of their patience and endurance of suffering and cruelty of living, and to more victories, God willing."

The religious authority has today called during a Friday sermon delivered by its representative Abdul Hadi Karbalai "The government and politicians that invest this opportunity in the development of scientific, economic, and it opens the door wide for many achievements and hope that the concerned authorities to open a door for change and can not get change without there is a change in the behavior of officials and the political class in Iraq. "

Baghdad has seen yesterday's celebration popularly turnout for the event, who described بالتاريخي was launched fireworks and exit of young people in the streets to mark the occasion. Ended
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