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G20 meeting Thursday and Friday: Will discuss Syria and Financial Crisis in Emerging Countries

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G20 meeting Thursday and Friday: Will discuss Syria and Financial Crisis in Emerging Countries

Unread postby Stillw8n » Mon Sep 02, 2013 11:57 am

G20 meeting Thursday and Friday: Will discuss Syria and Financial Crisis in Emerging Countries

Moscow / a. P. B. meet with heads of State and Government of the Group of Twenty Thursday and Friday in St. Petersburg in Russia at the summit is expected to be tense at the height of the Syrian crisis and the financial storm in the emerging new problem in the global economy. supposed to devote the leaders of rich countries and major emerging in the world officially their economic issues and finance.

But in an atmosphere of tension caused by the possibility of a U.S. military strike to Syria, is likely to dominate the meeting, which was held in the capital of the empire previous “event diplomat” as French diplomatic source said. but in the Russian presidential confirm definitively that the issue “is not included in the program,” In the words of the Kremlin’s representative in the Ksenia Yudayeva group. He said President Vladimir Putin Wednesday determinedly that the summit should give priority to growth and will be held while the “economy entered again a dangerous area.”

While it seems that the euro zone, which emerged from recession began to see light at the end of the tunnel, seeing the emerging countries, led by Brazil, India and Turkey problems with the decline rates of their currencies as a result of the change, which was announced in U.S. monetary policy. U.S. Federal Valahtaati or the central bank, the plunge years ago the financial system with liquidity to keep interest rates very low and support economic activity.

These funds are available at a cost of a few went largely to emerging markets where it is the high interest rates and faster growth proceeds alluring. but with the economic recovery in the United States, is preparing the Federal Reserve to amend the situation and return investors to the first economy in the world, while tends growth to decline in emerging countries .

Said Chris Weafer of the Consultative Group “a macro Advisory Board” that the issue “carry the seeds of division, because the negative effects already clear on the currencies of emerging nations.”

He added that the economic expert that the countries concerned will ask the Federal Reserve cut its support for the economy “by taking into account collateral damage such as its own national interests.” During the last preparatory meeting of Finance Ministers Group of Twenty at the end of July in Moscow, Brazil, Russia requested from the United States a clear memorandum in this regard is contained in the final statement of the meeting.
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