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Iraq's accession to «WTO» limiting the entry of shoddy goods

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Iraq's accession to «WTO» limiting the entry of shoddy goods

Unread postby admin » Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:32 pm

Iraq's accession to «WTO» limiting the entry of shoddy goods

09/03/2013 12:00 AM

Baghdad - Mostafa Hashemi
said academic economist d. Majid Baidhani that Iraq's accession to the WTO will give the country's economic advantages contribute to increase production and improve the quality and put an end to the entry of goods poor to markets.
said Baidhani told (morning) that liberalization of trade in services and encouraging foreign investment will lead to encourage the movement and flow into the country as reflected in the The reality of the economic activity. explained that it would put an end to the competition of goods and commodities-backed Iraqi countries produced and sold at less than their prices in their countries. He pointed out that Iraq had committed to in advance, indirectly, to join the World Trade Organization by signing the document the International Covenant.
aims document signed by Iraq prior years to determine the approach the state in the political, economic, social, humanitarian and implementation mechanism. They also check in with States interested in Iraqi affairs in the era or a partnership, vows to Iraq from his part to abide by the curriculum stated, by contrast, operates a signatory to help cope with these challenges and achieve the stated goals.
pointed Baidhani to that of the most important negative effects on Iraq is not included oil in international trade agreements and مايترتب on the economic effects of the fact that large oil component of the foundation of the GDP of Iraq, as well as the private sector is still limited activity in the field of industrial and agricultural production. Indicating the importance of identifying and selecting goods which سيمتاز country when he entered full membership organization.
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