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First batch of Russian aircraft to Iraq in September

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First batch of Russian aircraft to Iraq in September

Unread postby admin » Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:47 am

Reveal the parliamentary defense and the arrival of the first batch of Russian aircraft to Iraq in September


Palm - revealed for security and defense committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Tuesday, the arrival of the first batch of Russian aircraft during the month of September the current, and confirmed that the General Command of the Armed Forces and the Army Staff "enthusiastic about the arming of the security services, as pointed out the existence of contracts arming with the U.S. and other countries will follow.

Chairman of the Committee said Hassan Sinead, in a media interview that "the first batch of aircraft purchased by the Iraqi government of Russia will arrive during the month of September," noting that "the mission is not the announcement of the type of aircraft, but fully informed of the date and arrival of aircraft."

He Sinead that "there are decades arming with Russia and the United States and other countries to supply Iraq with modern weapons will turn," asserting that "the General Command of the Armed Forces and his staff of the army and the competent authorities contracts excited to arm and Tqoat security, military and intelligence deterrent to terrorism."

The Prime Minister, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, likely in the second of July 2013, Iraq held for arms deals with the new Russia in the coming period, and stressed the lack of obstacles on the road to the implementation of the arms deal Russia signed in 2012, while detection Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev for agreement the two countries at the opening of the fly line between Baghdad and Moscow and the granting of visas for Iraqi citizens to Russia. "

And Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in the June 30, 2013, to Russia at the head of an official delegation, a senior official visit for several days to participate in an international conference on energy, while stressed that Iraq sought during the coming period to increase its oil production and expand its industries of oil and to encourage companies to invest in this sector, while Lukoil revealed Russia's intention to double its investments in Iraq.

The Maliki's visit is the second to Russia in less than a year, as Maliki visited the Russian capital Moscow in October of last year, during which he held meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister and a number of officials, and resulted in the signing of a deal to supply Iraq with weapons Russian raised by many of accusations about the presence of a large corruption.

Russia had announced during Maliki's visit to in the ninth of October 2012 that it has signed contracts with Iraq arming juggle at their $ 4.2 billion to become so again the largest providers of this state with weapons after the United States.

And raised the arms deal Russia agreed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in principle with the Russian side during his recent visit to Moscow in the 12 of October 2012, with a value of four billion and $ 200 million in political debate and wide had echoed the Great in the media over the past months, especially in light of "hottest Crossfire" between the political blocs, and the exchange of accusations between the relevant parties, and the highest votes of those belonging to the State of Law coalition and the Liberal bloc.

The controversy erupted on the deal when detecting Ali al-Moussawi, media adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in (the tenth of November 2012), the recent cancellation of the deal after returning from Moscow following the "suspicions of corruption," noting that al-Maliki intends to renegotiate.

And the evolution of the subject of the deal in the Iraqi parliament and then referred the issue of corruption to the prosecutor and the Integrity Commission, and remained deal Malguet to Iraq while signing the contract officially in 26/3/2013 and after re-negotiations and change the negotiating team.

The Court of achieving integrity decided in (8 May 2013) and after the mandate by the Parliament close the investigation into the arms deal Russia for lack of evidence and the absence of a crime, but the Criminal Court, the Supreme Iraqi, in (May 15, 2013), announced the High Criminal Court issued a veto to the decision of the Integrity to close the case of Russian weapons, while re-confirmed case to the court mentioned to complete the legal procedures.

It is noteworthy that Iraq is linked relations historical with Russia, dating back to the forties of the last century, when established diplomatic relations between Iraq and the Soviet Union at the time, and Iraq became later of the most important importers of military equipment Soviet and developed those relationships over the past years, especially in the field of investments in oil and electricity, winning Russian companies in licensing rounds for oil and gas investment in a number of Iraqi provinces.
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